California & Canada need not fight over snow: La Nina spreads snow love to ski resorts

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 9, 2010 8:33 am

Squaw Valley receives early season love from La Nina

In case you missed it, prophet of all things weather for the California Sierras, Howard Sheckter said, “there are a few really good signs it’s going to be a good winter.” 

read Howard Sheckter’s Ski Channel interview here

Sheckter is no lackey for the ski resorts.  His word is weather gospel.  It’s a La Nina year, so you know the folks up in British Columbia (i.e. Whistler) will be buried in snow this winter, but unlike El Nino, La Nina does not choose only one lover.  Canada and California can both have great winters!  Yep, La Nina, she’s like that and don’t go moralizing about it either.  She’s free to bless whomever she chooses.

This past Sunday, Squaw Valley received over a foot of snow.  Mammoth registered two feet up top.  California ski resorts are building early season base.  La Nina is doing work.  Extra work.  In the middle of the last Saturday night, she trekked up to Canada.  November 25th is Whistler’s scheduled opening day, but with La Nina’s encouragement, Whistler may very well open up earlier than that.

Currently, the Pig Alley weather station on Whistler Mountain has racked up two feet of snow. Lots of weather action happening in B.C. right now, check for up to date snow action and cam love that is indeed safe for work.

La Nina, spreading snow love from California to Canada.  Don’t fight over her, her love is too big for one state.




                                                                                                                                 Whistler looking like, well Whistler!

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