Lindsey Vonn’s Levi layover: Meeting Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 10, 2010 8:38 am

Lindsey Vonn is high over the Atlantic ocean at this moment, hopefully avoiding the anarchy of an airplane pillow flight (see below), on her way to Levi, Finalnd for the women’s World Cup slalom on Saturday. 

Levi, Finland chills 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  It is the site of Vonn’s most improbable win of her career, and her first in slalom.  Ski racing is not hockey, yet Vonn was able to throw a hockey stop into the middle of her second run in 2008, and still came out victorious.  Time schmime…

But, before Vonn heads over to the polar cold of Levi, she heated up (yar yar) the red carpet last night at the Glamour Women of the Year awards.  Vonn, Mia Hamm and Lisa Leslie were honored with “The Game Changers” award.

“For women today, there are no limits,” said Vonn. “We play hard, get down and dirty, and kick butt. And we’re going to set new and higher standards for the female athletes of the future.”

“Dirty” and “Vonn” are not two words I associate together.  But, the 3-time overall World Cup champ does know how to get her sweat on, she’s a tireless worker not lacking the self-discipline to maximize her immense skill.

There was more honoring going on other than the award Lindsey received.  She was “honored to meet” Russell Crowe, cause “I’m a big fan of Gladiator.”  Gladiator?  What about La Confidential, The Insider, or A Beautiful Mind?  Hmm, well I’m a dude, and maybe Gladiator is a Glamour Woman thing?  You know, shirtless dudes hollering stuff.

Vonn also posed with Julia Roberts of whom she commented, “She was really nice.”  Sounds like the sort of stuff folks say about Vonn, who in case you missed it, wowed her fans at the Vail Plaza on Saturday as part of the announcing of the 2011 U.S. Alpine Ski Team.  Vonn stayed well after the event was over to sign anything and everything that was put in front of her.  Now, that is nice.

Click here to check out Saturday’s action at the Vail Plaza.







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