Ashleigh McIvor + Maelle Ricker + you + 7 friends = BC Ski Games contest

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 15, 2010 11:33 am

It’s a compare and contrast world.  This band is better than that one, he’s a better baller than that guy… you know the drill.  Endless message board banter is happening right now revolving around the unsolvable riddle of who’s the best, what’s the greatest.  Our culture feels the uncontrollable reflex to put everything in its place on the ladder.

British Columbia has the best skiing in the world.  Wait, isn’t that just more juvenile compare and contrast?   Before any loud protestations erupt, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California all have the best skiing in the world too.  But, if you dropped a free trip on me today, a prize that gifted seven friends and me spending five days at a ski resort, I’m heading to British Columbia.

And if that prize included sashaying down the mountain with two Winter Olympic gold medalists that also happen to be two beautiful, smart ladies?  Hell, I’d go to Nebraska for that!  But, thankfully it’s all part of a new contest on

Yep, you and your seven closest buds can win a free five-day trip to your B.C. ski resort of choice and make super G turns with Ahsleigh McIvor (pictured left, gold medalist in ski cross) and Maelle Ricker (pictured bottom, gold medalist snowboard cross).  These are two Canadians who followed through on the national mantra to “Own the Podium.” 

Since you don’t want to drop the “You ladies come ’round here often?” line, here’s a little cheat sheet on Ahsley and Maelle.  Conversation starters for all you nervous types.  Beautiful ladies with snow skills can be a recipe for intimidation, but let your confidence flow from knowledge.

Ashley McIvor will forever be the first woman to win ski cross gold.  Her love of mountain sports is genetic.  Her pop is a “Weasel Worker,” the kind of volunteer work that requires getting up at 2am to help prep World Cup race courses.  “He’s a Lake Louise right now setting up for the first downhill of the year,” Ahshleigh told me.  Other pertinent info:
Favorite line down the mountain: “I love Peak to Creek at Whistler.  Five thousand vertical feet, crazy variety and terrain.  The race to the bottom is like a giant, natural ski cross course.”
Favorite apres ski spot: “Dusty’s and the GLC (Garibaldi Lift Co.).  Big windows, good views.”
Thoughts on us American folk to the south:  “I love Americans.  My ski coach is American, I’ve always dated American guys.”
Biggest fear:  “Avalanches.  Thankfully we have a super stable snowpack in B.C.  With coastal mountains, the snow sticks to everything, and you can ski all the lines.”
Hot tub trivia is part of the contest, what kind of bikini will you sport if I win?  “I have a lot of nice Oakley bikinis to choose from, don’t you worry.”

Maelle Ricker‘s name is in the history books.  Her gold medal in snowboard cross etched her name in stone as the first Canadian woman to win a gold medal on home turf.   Miss Ricker is bilingual, so buff up on this romantic French saying: Est-ce que tu es aussi doux que tes yeux? (Are you as sweeet as your eyes are?”

Likes:  “I like lots of jumping.  I like being in the air.”
Thoughts on Euros:  “The don’t steal all our powder.  They stick to the groomers.  I love the Euros.”
Favorite skiing: “Glade riding.  And there’s tons of pillow lines on Whistler/Blackcomb.”
Favorite chairlift: Peak Chair at Whistler
Favorite stop on the World Cup: “Telluride.  They had the same course builder as the Olympic course.  They killed it, my favorite course of the season.”
Give props to B.C.: “We have something for everybody, from freeriding to backcountry access, really great family resorts, we have it all in this province, and with this contest, it’s all about just come up and ride.  We’re not gonna put you through some crazy bootcamp.  We just want to give you a taste of B.C. mountain living.”

So go check out for a chance to win and also to check out the comedy of the wacky anchor man and his bag of one-liners as you peruse the different B.C. ski spots.

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