FIS nordic combined preview Nov. 22 Kuusamo

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 22, 2010 6:13 am

For the ninth time in a row, the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup, sponsored by Germany’s Deutsche Kredit Bank (DKB), will start off in a few days in Kuusamo, Finland.

At the beginning of this short World Cup season of just 14 competitions (13 individual events, one team event in Schonach/GER at the beginning of January), a lot of question marks await to be answered.

Will Olympic Champion and overall World Cup winner Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) be able to repeat his outstanding 2009/10 season?

How will the Austrian and German superstars do in this season?

Will Felix Gottwald (AUT) become the oldest athlete to win a World Cup competition in his final appearances?

Will Norway score four victories to reach 100 individual wins in FIS Nordic Combined World Cup history?

Will Magnus Moan (NOR) win the overall World Cup after having placed third in 2010 and second in 2009?

Will the 2010/11 overall World Cup winner already be crowned in Chaux-Neuve (FRA) at the end of January? [If an athlete has more than a 200 point lead ahead of the runner-up at this point of the season, he cannot be caught in Lahti at the final stage.]

How will Hannu Manninen (FIN) lead the young Finnish team after Jaakko Tallus’ retirement and Anssi Koivuranta’s switch to the Finnish special Ski Jumping team?

Will Manninen himself score victories # 49 and 50 for Finland, maybe already in Kuusamo?

Will Alessandro Pittin (ITA), the new Italian Nordic Combined star, be found on top again?

When will Ronny Ackermann (GER), who won a record five times in Kuusamo, decide about his comeback in the 2011/12 season or his final retirement?


The next weeks and months will give the answers.


Thursday, 25 November 2010, 15:00: provisional competition round

Friday, 26 November 2010, 14.30: jumping session HS 142; 16.15: 10 km cross-country Gundersen race (4 x 2,5 km).

Saturday, 27 November 2010, 10.30: jumping session HS 142; 15.15: 10 km cross-country Gundersen race (4 x 2,5 km)


Nordic Combined Winners in Kuusamo

29.11.2009 Hannu Manninen (FIN)

28.11.2009 Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)

30.11.2008 Anssi Koivuranta (FIN)

29.11.2008 Ronny Ackermann (GER)

01.12.2007 Björn Kircheisen (GER)

30.11.2007 Ronny Ackermann (GER)

25.11.2006 Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)

27.11.2005 Mario Stecher (AUT)

25.11.2005 Hannu Manninen (FIN)

28.11.2004 Hannu Manninen (FIN)

27.11.2004 Ronny Ackermann (GER)

30.11.2003 Ronny Ackermann (GER)

29.11.2003 Ronny Ackermann (GER)

29.11.2002 Hannu Manninen (FIN)


2009/10 FIS Nordic Combined World Cup winners

6 victories: Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) in Kuusamo, Lillehammer, Ramsau (2), Schonach, Oslo; 3 Magnus Moan (NOR) in Chaux-Neuve (2), Lahti

3 Hannu Manninen (FIN) in Kuusamo, Oberhof, Lahti

1 Felix Gottwald (AUT) in Val di Fiemme; 1 Eric Frenzel (GER) in Seefeld

1 Tino Edelmann (GER) in Lillehammer; 1 Mario Stecher (AUT) in Seefeld

1 Johnny Spillane (USA) in Oberhof; 1 Björn Kircheisen (GER) in Ramsau

1 Bill Demong (USA) in Val di Fiemme


FIS Overall World Cup winners

Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), 2010; Anssi Koivuranta (FIN), 2009

Ronny Ackermann (GER), 2008, 2003, 2002

Hannu Manninen (FIN), 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

Felix Gottwald (AUT), 2001; Samppa Lajunen (FIN), 2000, 1997

Bjarte Engen Vik (NOR), 1999, 1998; Knut Tore Apeland (NOR), 1996

Kenji Ogiwara (JPN), 1995, 1994, 1993; Fabrice Guy (FRA), 1992

Fred Börre Lundberg (NOR), 1991; Klaus Sulzenbacher (AUT), 1990, 1988

T.A. Bredesen (NOR), 1989; Torbjörn Loekken (NOR), 1987

Hermann Weinbuch (BRD), 1986; Geir Andersen (NOR), 1985

Tom Sandberg (NOR), 1984


Athletes with most victories in FIS Nordic Combined World Cup history

Hannu Manninen (FIN), 48; Ronny Ackermann (GER), 28

Bjarte Engen Vik (NOR), 26; Felix Gottwald (AUT), 21

Samppa Lajunen (FIN), 20; Kenji Ogiwara (JPN), 19

Magnus Moan (NOR), 17; Klaus Sulzenbacher (AUT), 14

Björn Kircheisen (GER), 14; Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), 11

Mario Stecher (AUT), 10; Fred Boerre Lundberg (NOR), 9

Bill Demong (USA), 9… (53 athletes overall)


Podium Places by Nation in FIS Nordic Combined World Cup history

Norway 96 first/79 second/94 third/269 overall/# winners: 16

Finland 78/71/46/195/5; Germany (+ DDR/BRD) 63/69/75/207/11

Austria 52/53/55/160/5; Japan 22/28/17/67/3

France 18/15/17/50/3; USA 17/18/22/57/4; Switzerland 7/8/9/24/2

Czech Republic (+TCH) 4/4/14/22/2; Russia (+URS) 2/9/7/18/2

Italy 0/1/3/4/2; Poland 0/1/0/1/0; Estonia 0/1/0/1/0


FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Milestone Races

1 17.-18.12.1983 Seefeld (AUT) Uwe Dotzauer (DDR) and

Kerry Lynch (USA)

10 20.-21.12.1984 St: Moritz (SUI) Geir Andersen (NOR)

25 30.12.1986 Oberwiesenthal (DDR) Hippolyt Kempf (SUI)

50 25.-26.3.1989 Thunder Bay (CAN) Hippolyt Kempf (SUI)

75 13.-14.3.1992 Oslo (NOR) Fabrice Guy (FRA)

100 9.-10.2.1995 Oslo (NOR) Kenji Ogiwara (JPN)

125 14.03.1997 Oslo (NOR) Bjarten Engen Vik (NOR)

150 9.-10.1.1999 Strbske Pleso (SVK) Bjarten Engen Vik (NOR)

175 11.03.2000 Oslo (NOR) Bjarten Engen Vik (NOR)

200 03.10.2002 Reit im Winkl (GER) Ronny Ackermann (GER)

225 15.03.2003 Lahti (FIN) Felix Gottwald (AUT)

250 02.01.2005 Ruhpolding (GER) Ronny Ackermann (GER)

275 28.01.2006 Seefeld (AUT) Hannu Manninen (FIN)

300 09.12.2007 Trondheim (NOR) Christoph Bieler (AUT)

325 04.01.2009 Schonach (GER) Anssi Koivuranta (FIN)

350 10.01.2010 Val di Fiemme (ITA) Bill Demong (USA)


Youngest World Cup winners


15.1.1994 Mario Stecher (AUT), born on 17.7.77 16

05.1.1997 Samppa Lajunen (FIN), born on 23.4.79 17


Oldest World Cup winners

24.2.1984 Rauno Miettinen (FIN), born on 25.5.49 34

09.1.2010 Felix Gottwald (AUT), born on 13.1.76 33