Jon Olsson’s World Cup dreams get big boost over the weekend, Bo Jackson’s legacy tarnished

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 29, 2010 10:55 am

Jon Olsson with parental units this past weekend in Trysil, Norway

Bo Jackson who?  I mean really, what is running with a football anyway?  True, there’s some technique to blocking a blitzing linebacker, but beyond that, here’s the football, now go that way!  The Jon Olsson two-sport trip is mathematically far more improbable. 

With apologies to Bo Knows, what Jon Olsson is doing is without precedent.  The Jedi of freestyle skiing returned to traditional ski racing two seasons ago.  This was the year when Mr. Olsson’s big dream would meet a big dose of reality.  He’s racing Europa Cup now.

For the uninitiated, Europa Cup is the minor leagues of World Cup ski racing.  But, there is very little drop-off between Europa Cup and the World Cup.  In fact, some might argue Europa Cup is just as difficult as the World Cup.  The reason being?  There are a limited number of slots per country on the World Cup.  So on race day, you only have to beat six or seven Austrians.  Whereas on the Europa Cup, you have to beat 15 or 20.  The Austrians are here to crush your alpine ski racing dreams.

At two Europa Cup giant slalom races in Trysil, Norway over the weekend, Jon Olsson finished 15th and 20th.  Yep, there will be no dream crushing for Mr. Olsson.  What was already the most interesting ski story of the year, just got a whole lot more exciting.  Olsson’s ranking is up to 19th now and he is currently the third ranked alpine skier in Sweden.  Moving on up!

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