WATCH: Squaw Valley’s Mike Wilson busting four back flips from a 99 foot rope swing

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 29, 2010 10:17 am

Badass.  Renegade.  Rebel.  Ruling skier.  Mike Wilson is real to the core, and not in some phony hip-hop way. Currently Mr. Wilson’s DNA is being studied by the Genome Project.  He was born without a fear gene, which means he’s immune to fear-based societal afflictions: political talk radio banter, religion, and huge cliffs.  Check the video above.  Mr. Wilson is in the words of my nephew, “All time.”

Mr. Wilson spent a week hanging out at The Ski Channel, and we still fear him.  In a good way.  He was kind enough to take a seat on The Ski Channel fixed-grip double.  That’s our single chairlift chair which comes without the bulky other stuff like the bullwheel, motor, and towers. 

The point?  Mike Wilson will be appearing in January on the premiere episode of Lift Talk, a half-hour interview show, shot on a chairlift, somewhere it shouldn’t be.


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