Enter Sun Valley’s photo contest and win

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2010 11:08 am

The Mountain is open, there is snow on the ground, and the SVO Staff could not be happier. We are in the Holiday Spirit and would like to share the Love.  So get out your old photo albums, check those hard drives, go outside and take some pics and find that amazing winter photo that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy  inside. The winner of this very prestigious photo contest will receive a BCRD Nordic Skiing Seasons Pass 2010/2011 so they can get out there and have some fun in the winter sun. The runners up will also receive prizes just for playing, like KB’s Gift Certificates and Warren Miller DVDs to get you pumped and keep you full through the winter season.

From Ski Shots & Snow ball fights to Snowmen & Snow angels. Winter wildlife to Winter wonderland. It’s snow problem, we love them all. The deadline will be December 15th for photo submissions so submit early and submit often (Limit of 2 photos per person). Let it Snow!

Anyone can enter but you will need an SVO user account to submit your photos. Check out the examples on the left of some great photos people submit to SVO everyday.

If you do not have a SunValleyOnline account, don’t worry, Just click on this Link and follow the directions. Once you have created you user name and pass word the site will send you a confirmation email. You will need to use the link in this email to complete your account. (Important: Make sure to check your junk mail for your confirmation email.) You will need an account to submit your photo and you need to submit a photo to win. If creating an account proves to be too difficult just send your photos to adsales@sunvalleyonline.com and we will take care of them.

When submitting your photo go to the “Post” tab at the top of the page and select Upload Photo Make sure to include “SVO Winter Photo Contest” in the title along with your name and email so we can find you if you win.

What are you scared of? Go get that old camera out and start taking pics. It pays to play on SunValleyOnline.

All Photos must be submitted by midnight December 15th