Poor Boyz Triple Threat Tour invades the snowy hills of Hollywood this Friday night

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 30, 2010 10:51 am

It’s the Triple Threat Tour and thankfully you don’t have to think too hard.  This is it, folks.  Friday night, for one night only, the ski town Poor Boy meets the Hollywood party girl.  Poor Boyz Productions lands it rolling circus, the Triple Threat Tour, at a massive mansion in the Hollywood hills.  And the children who will bow at the knee of those telling the story of “I was there” aren’t even born yet.  This one is for generations.  For real.

The Hollywood pro does not do Hollywood clubs on the weekend.  Poor Boyz are not tourists.  Friday and Saturday night, the pros know that it’s always a party up in the hills.  “Bridge-and-tunnel” for east coasters, 909 for west coasters.  Clubs on the weekend are for the amateurs.  To the hills, that’s where the real folks let loose, free from the commoners poisoning their debauchery.

So while the Redondo Beach crew and their headmaster Johnny Decesare surely have the required experience to navigate the Hollywood scene, there could arise some communication issues for their crop of urban/mountain ski stars.  Newschooler lingo often means something else entirely at a Hollywood party.

Possible scenarios:
– You never know what celeb is going to materialize at a Hollywood party.  Simon Dumont loses his cool (only momentarily, I mean it’s Simon!) when Eddie Murphy is spotted.  It’s his chance to talk all things Shrek.  Simon ruins his chance at finding deeper meaning in Donkey’s words when he mentions ‘pumpin’ tranny.’

– Pasty C, Sammy Carlson, waxes enthusiastic to Lindsey Lohan about a ‘massive rail.’  He’s immediately dragged forcefully to the bathroom.  It’s not your game, Sammy, but Lindsey thinks that you’ve got the ball.

Nick Martini, holding court with his one-man comic routine, is confounded by all the ladies’ disinterest when he recalls all the ‘face shots’ he’s been getting recently.

– While chattin’ up a lovely lady, Pep Fujas gets a full face slap for suggesting a ‘backcountry adventure.’  It’s OK, he assures the lovely lady, I land backwards.

Yes, Three’s Company showed the world that a 10-second misunderstanding easily morphs into a full half-hour issue.  And with the luminaries/big wigs from Nike, Oakley, ESPN, Armada, Pull-in, Newschoolers, Vas, and Powder all in attendance, no one will have time for sitcom-length problems to be worked-out when working the room is what’s truly important.

But hey, that’s why movies are always a good idea when two cultures collide.  No talking, except hollering at the screen when the curtain drops on Revolver, Poor Boyz 2010 installment.  No misunderstandings, the movie is both forward thinking and reminiscent at the same time, looking at the reinvention of skiing over these past 10 years.  Ditto for the reinventing of the English language and a Poor Boy dreaming of ‘white powder.’


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