“Bumps for Boomers” unveils free 3-D ski fitness program for senior skiers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2010 4:01 pm

“Bumps for Boomers”, an Aspen, CO company that provides mogul/powder skiing lessons geared towards the baby boomer generation is releasing their new “3-D Ski Fitness Program”.  The program promises to help older skiers prevent injuries, reduce fatigue, and ski longer.  It aims to prepare the user’s body for all of the forces applied to it when skiing.  The program has been developed by Bill Fabrocini, one of Aspen’s top physical therapists. 

Fabrocini says, “Skiers need a training program that will replicate the three dimensional forces experienced on the slopes. Think about skiing down a mogul run. Gravity is pulling you down the hill while your feet are responding to the snow conditions. Maybe your right leg is higher than your left as you hit the mogul and then you encounter a big pile of loose snow. Suddenly you are tossed back. Simply doing ‘wall sits’ is not going to prepare your body to safely react to these forces. I designed this program using the RIP-COREFX [a tool used by such athletes as Gretchen Bleiler] because it loads the body with asymmetrical forces on all dimensions. Training with the RIP-COREFX uses integrated movement pattern exercises that will strengthen your body to resist and adapt to those forces allowing you to ski with greater balance and control, minimizing the risk of falls and injuries.”

If used regularly the program claims to produce results after 4-6 weeks, especially strengthening the core and back mucles.  The program also teaches users to avoid using a “twisting” motion with the hips, protecting not only the hip joints but also the knees.  You will also be experiencing a cardiovascular workout, which will increase your stamina on the mountain (more stamina = more runs = more skiing = more awesome).  Best of all?  The program is free.  Simply head over to the Bumps for Boomers website here to get started.


And if you don’t own a RIP-COREFX, Bumps for Boomers is offering a $30 discount on the useful fitness tool before December 24th.  Stay fit, and stay skiing!