Ski Dazzle takes over L.A. Dec. 2nd to 5th

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2010 1:33 pm

Here is comes…. Every year Ski Dazzle takes over the convention center and offers everything you could ask for the upcoming ski season.  Gear, giveaways, indoor parks and so much more.  Check it our.

Looking for good prices on ski equipment and gear? Looking for a free Bear Mountain or Snow Summit lift ticket in Big Bear? Looking for a 2 story pro vertical ramp with Rail Jam contests? I think I found the place for you.

The annual Ski Dazzle will be hitting the LA Convention Center downtown this year from December 2 to 5. Southern California’s official Winter Kick Off brings fun and excitement again! Last year, the Dazzle was much earlier (the end of October) to accompany the early El Nino snow we received. However, it promises to be a good event this year like all the years in the past. I was able to score amazing K2 skis there and perhaps I’ll get there this year for some needed boots.

If you are a boarder, the Dazzle really has everything you need. Since they say more people board in Southern California, (What? Come on, So Cal skiers let’s get that number up!) the event is crowded with snowboards and snowboarding boots in particular. It’s a $6 million sale offering up to 70% off gear and clothing. Even the 6 Million Dollar Man would be there. You love my jokes, I know.

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