Sturtevants in Sun Valley to host The Ski Channel movies Saturday Dec.4th

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2010 10:21 am

Sturtevants Main Street Ketchum is hosting the Sun Valley premiere of The Ski Channel’s original ski films The Story and Shane and the McConkey’s on two giant screens Saturday, December 4th starting around 5pm, immediately following Sturtevants’ Annual Icebreaker Bucks and Brews event from noon to 5pm – save $20 on any Icebreaker purchase of $100 or more! The local premiere of these original ski films is part of a massive U.S. grass-roots film tour before they are released on The Ski Channel network.

Mountain brews and munchies will be served…no donations, raffle tickets or bar tabs…just pure unadulterated celebration of skiing and mountain life!

The Story
It is through enlightening experiences and dimensional characters that the tale of skiing is told; “The Story” travels around the world and delves into the lives that built and continue to build the great American pastime and sport of skiing. Unlike any other ski movie, “The Story” reveals the untold tale – the greater legend told through the intimate words and skiing of the films’ respective stars. The films’ true stars are the heart-wrenching accounts and awe-inspiring skiing of Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Bobby Brown, Mike Douglas, Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, Chris Davenport, Kristi Leskinen, Willie Bogner, home-grown athletes Lynsey Dyer, Zack and Reggie Crist, and other mountain luminaries. Through epic skiing, snowboarding, river surfing and unimaginable variations of human flight, the new High Definition film showcases the insatiable hunger and the intangible feeling that drives the people who are the pillars of mountain sports.

Shot on location in Mt Everest, Nepal; Antarctica; Las Leñas, Argentina; Portillo, Chile; Whistler, BC; Haines, AK; Jackson Hole, WY; Snowbird, UT; Lake Tahoe; Mammoth, CA; Utah backcountry; Wasatch backcountry; Vail, CO, and snowy locations across the globe, this film is the perfect prelude to winter. “The Story” documents some of the world’s best skiing and the lives that have impacted (and been impacted by) the sport. This is “The Story” that has yet to be told.

Shane and the McConkey’s
In late March 2009 the Ski Channel’s Zeke Piestrup traveled to Squaw Valley where he spent four days with Shane McConkey, theworld’s most influential skier. On March 26, 2009, that same week, the legendary ski pioneer was tragically killed in a ski BASE jump accident in the Italian Dolomites.

Like everything in Shane’s life, the in-depth accounts that took place during the short time spent with Shane and his friends and family are powerful and inspiring. Many of us followed Shane’s endeavor to take skiing where it had not gone before. Using his parachute to ski seemingly un-skiable descents, “close-out lines,” Shane pushed the sport and allowed us to witness the incredible … the inexplicable.

While the indelible mark he left on our sport and vivid imagery that accompanies continue to reverberate throughout the ski world, few have been privy to the milder side of Shane McConkey. The short film “Shane and the McConkey’s” is a unique cinematic portrayal of Shane. It is about the doting father, loving husband, and friend that are as much (and to many of us, more) Shane’s legacies as ski progression and innovation.