The Olympics bad for ski halfpipe? Powder Mag debates issue on the heels of Tony Blair vs Christopher Hitchens

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 3, 2010 3:54 pm

Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens

Tony Blair believes in the Big Skier in the Sky, Christopher Hitchens said that was “supernatural gobbledegook”

It’s been a week of heavy debates.  First it was renowned Atheist Christopher Hitchens squaring off with former UK Prime Minister and recent convert to Catholicism, Tony Blair, to talk about that always mellow subject: religion.

On the heels of the man-in-the-cloud discussion, Powder Magazine’s Derek Taylor goes head-up with Canadian Halfpipe Coach Derek Taylor on a more important subject — as heaven has already been found and accessed by a chairlift.

Under the title of “Dueling Banjos,” which is thankfully not about the 1972 film Deliverance, the two debate whether the Olympics would be good for the sport of ski halfpipe.  Strong arguments from both perspectives, the article is more than worth a full read (click here to read).

The undecideds in the Hitchens/Blair debate were polled after the 90-minute tussle.  More were swayed by Mr. Hitchens, and as such I feel the necessity to weigh in with my vote in the Olympics’ ski halfpipe debate.  My vote goes with Trennon Paynter specifically when he says:

So who supports the idea of ski halfpipe in the Olympics?  Many do.  But most importantly, the ski halfpipe athletes do.  They support it strongly and unanimously.  And it’s the athletes who should have the strongest voice in the direction of their sport.

Yep, first and foremost this should be about the athletes and what they want.  Anti-FIS sentiment is as easy as hating on Congress, but derision of the FIS for what they might do to the sport of ski halfpipe seems a bit defeatest.  The sky likely will not fall if the FIS gets its regulatory hands on ski halfpipe.  And if it does?  Well, we can just have Tanner Hall put it back up with his positivity.  Respect!

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