Beaver Creek Birds of Prey World Cup notes

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 4, 2010 11:50 am

by Doug Haney

If the War Horse says the panels on top of The Brink where laying on the snow then it’s too windy to race. I believe him.
OK, so it’s a bummer we didn’t go yesterday, but here’s what I saw. The stands were packed tighter than the fine china in your attic that you never use. So many people were on the snow I had to channel Barry Sanders to get from the press room to the finish area. The energy of the Marco Sullivan fan club was spilling (along with some other things) over to everyone within a 200 meter radius. That place was loud and stoked for ski racing.
Hey Kelly Ladyga, is it too early to book lodging for 2015?
The wind is ausgeschieden, but we may be looking at some snow. Regardless, the guys arelike a five-year-old after a pixi stick binge – bring on the Birds. Here’s the notes:
Beaver Creek, CO – men’s super G
-       Bode is pretty mellow until about five seconds before he pushes out of the gate. I saw him after inspection yesterday and could see that he already knew the fate of the race. He’s been around the block a few times. All he said was, “we’re ready to go, but I don’t think the wind is going to let us.” The wind is the only thing that’s changed today. He runs 15.
-       We haven’t had a super G at Birds since ’08. And at that time, I think the podium went Svindal, Maier, Walchhofer. I can guarantee one of those guys won’t be on the podium today – I’m just that good. I remember this race pretty clearly. Shred tied for 7th and everyone was like – whoa, so I guess he’s getting faster in speed. He was, but he faster today. This super G hill was built for a guy like him. Plus there’s 70 plus pint sized Park City Ski Team rippers with neon helmets on their way here right now. They want to see him kill this hill. I do too. Teddy goes 30.
-       Sully and Horse are back-to-back with two-six, two-seven. That’s not ideal, but if they both put together spectacular runs, it’s really fun for the fans. No doubt Bode will radio up an exact play-by-play of every snow crystal before they go. I’ll hold the radio and try to tape it to share after the race – can’t have that kind of knowledge in enemy hands.
-       Travis, Steven, Fish, Chris Frank and T. Ford are also in the booth for this one. I met Chris a couple of days ago – he looks oddly similar to Will Gregorak, minus the friar tuck haircut of course. He’s the NorAm super G champion and may never have had a training run on this hill. I love surprises. Go get it Chris.
So far, we’re green lighted for an 11 a.m. MT start and since we didn’t do the DH, this one is going on NBC tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET. If anything changes in the schedule, we’ll Tweet ya.

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