World Cup notes with Doug Haney: Mens GS

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 5, 2010 11:36 am

by Doug Haney – We could race this hill all year. In the Team Captains meeting Sasha thanked the organizing committee on making these races kick so much butt. He wasn’t speaking for himself. The other coaches in the room from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, dot, dot dot all nodded their heads and clapped. So did I. Beaver Creek is sweet.

The boys had a line up the stairs and out the door for an autograph signing last night at the Villar Center. Now it’s time to put on a show.

It’s the GS day and the boys are jacked. Me thinks it’s time for a little redemption. Here’s the notes:

Beaver Creek, CO – men’s giant slalom

- Ted doesn’t dwell on things. He tapped my shoulder last night while I was standing at a hip high table in the middle of the Ford Hall lobby. “How’d the chicks do,” he asked. My laptop was open. Aksel, Kjetil, Shred and I then watched Linsdey’s run from Lake Louise. “That was cool,” said Ted, “we’ll get some highlights tomorrow.” Yes you will my friend. Ted drew bib 5.

- In the last four GS races at Birds, Ted has been in the top four – podium twice. I like those odds. In oh eight he was .01 from the top step – it’s still one of my favorite runs: After he throws it down today, I’m calling the folks at Nestle to get this guy on a box of Shredded Wheat.

- Bode will have plenty of time today to see what’s fast. He runs 32. During yesterday’s super G, he was easily one of the fastest guys up top and was charging the line for the win. That won’t change today. What will is that he’ll see over a dozen more runs before he goes. This hill is not easy. Seeing where other guys throw out the anchor really helps.

- Warner Nickerson, President and CEO of Team Awesome runs directly after Bode. I like Warner, he’s another New Hampshire guy and is training like mad to get a spot at the World Champs. He’s also a pretty good sailor – who knew? My crystal ball sez he’s in thepoints today.

- There were a couple of NorAm GS races earlier this week in Aspen. T. Ford went 3-1. OK, so it was a NorAm…but take a look at whowas running. His win was in front of Grange, Fanara, Shoerghofer, Neureuther. Today will be fun.

- Nolan Kasper, Will Gregorak and Tim Jitloff all on deck today too. Batter up.

Race times are 9:45 a.m. and 12:45. Racer inspection is early. Jury even earlier. Cloudy and maybe some light snow at the Beav. We’re on.

-Doug Haney