Nordic Combined team updates

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 8, 2010 6:41 am


After the World Cup competitions in Lillehammer, everybody went home and is now training mostly at home. It has been a long preparation and first World Cup weekends.
Some athlete will take part in internal competitions or local ones.
The Austrian athletes are excited about the new hill in Seefeld and hope they will be able to jump it this or next week. Seefeld is an important training facility, especially for the local skiers, Stecher, Bieler and Denifl.
All of the athletes have had a good start, especially Stecher and Gottwald have shown good performances in the opening World Cup weekends. Still, the staff thinks they have some reserves and are still not in the best possible shape. Druml and Klapfer have shown good cross-country shape but struggled with the jumping during the first two weekends. Denifl made probably the race of his life in Lillehammer, and it shows that the training he did this summer has worked out.


Kaarel Nurmsalu is training at home in Estonia after being away from home almost one month in a row. As the results clearly show, he must focus on cross-country skiing, and basically that is what he has being working for whole year.
Karl-August Tiirmaa is in Rovaniemi, where he also studies. His cross-country performance has gone forward from last year, but he has to improve his jumping level before Ramsau to get closer to good positions, which for him could be somewhere around 30-40 rank.
We had travel problems as usual during the Lillehammer weekend (last year Finnair was on strike and we got our equipments on Saturday just before the race, and, surprise-surprise, this year they were on strike again at the same time…)
Now we will arrive in Ramsau on Wednesday; doing so, we’ll have a bit more time to focus on the last competition weekend in the year 2010.
After the good results of Aldo Leetoja at the COC in Steamboat Springs (USA), we are already waiting for the next COC competitions in Park City/Soldier Hollow (USA), and then Aldo should join the team in Schonach in January. At the monemt it seems that Aldo is fighting his way back to the World Cup team and that he is in the right path to Oslo.


After a two days long travel for the staff by bus, and by plane for the athletes, everybody’s at home at the moment.
Maxime Laheurte is getting better after his sickness; he didn’t take part at the second competition in Lillehammer, but he is all right now. In the next days, he will take a custom’s exam.
The goal for this week is to have basic cross-country training with some physical training (speed and jump).
On Sunday, all team members will take part to the French Cup in Les Rousses (HS 80/2 jumps and 10 km cross-country).
Upcoming Tuesday — if the condition are stable enough — Jason should be the first jumper on the new hill in Chaux Neuve (HS 117).
On Wednesday, we will start our 10 hour drive to Ramsau.


On Friday, December, 10th, in Rome, Alessandro Pittin will get the honours as “athlete of the year” of his sports group “Guardia di Finanza” (custom’s Police).
Lukas Runggaldier, Mattia Runggaldier and Armin Bauer became members or the sports group “Guardia di Finanza” recently and are now professionals. All athletes are based in Predazzo, but Mattia is also student at the sports college in Gröden/Val Gardena.
Alessandro Pittin and Giuseppe Michielli are training this week in Villach; Lukas Runggaldier, Armin Bauer and the B-team will train in Seefeld at the end of the week.
Arrival of the Italian team in Ramsau is on Tuesday, 14.12.2010


After a short break, the Swiss athletes are going to Seefeld on a training camp. On the hill, the focus is to tune their jumping shape. Seppi Hurschler and Ronny Heer as well as Tim Hug still need a couple of sessions to shape up to their summer performance on the hill.
Team Switzerland is supposed to stage a test competition to “keep the enginees running”.
The upcoming weekend brings in the chance to se families and relatives. In fact, there are only very few moments in winter where athletes can enjoy that, so the Swiss want to use this time to fuel the tanks and to appreciate “normal life”.