World Cup notes with Doug Haney – St. Moritz and Val d’Isere

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 11, 2010 5:46 pm

We are very fortunate to get an inside scoop from Doug Haney on what is going on with the mens’ and women’s U.S. Alpine Ski Team as they travel throughout Europe for this Wolrd Cup season.  Doug is the press officer for the U.S. Ski Teams and his World Cup notes are awesome.  I’m one of those folks who love following the results of our racers and this year is proving to be nothing short of magical.  Ted Ligety is on fire winning two giant slaloms in-a-row and Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso are standing tall on the podiums and placing well, respectively.  Thanks Doug!

– After training a bonus day in Beaver Creek, the trans-Atlantic landed in Munich. Why? Because that’s where we parked the cars after Soelden. It’s a long drive to Val d’Isere – North thru Switzerland or South thru Italy – choose, but choose wisely and do not choose to follow the GPS. Ask Nolan about that one:

 Lucky for the gals, St. Moritz is just down the road and not a bad place to end up after Lake Louise. If you’ve never been to St. Moritz, get out the life list now and make a note. Note should read: Win lotto, go to St. Moritz. A few years back I shot a video of LV and Maria doing a photo shoot at Cartier: Dear Santa…

 We’ve got men’s GS and women’s SG on tap today with Shred and LV winning the discipline standings after doubling down last Sunday. Here’s the notes:

 Val d’Isere, France – men’s giant slalom

-       Shred came, he saw, he conquered. Last weekend’s win at Beaver Creek was not only a thing of beauty, it was a thing of domination. .82 seconds is a huge victory and guys like Hirscher and Jansrud – though really cool guys – are not going to take that beating lightly.That being said, they’ve got some work to do. We’re through round one in Val D and Teddy is leading this sucker by .26 over Aksel. Oh and Benni’s back is back – and working.

T     The Face d’Bellvarde is steep and usually pretty darn icy. The course ejection percentage is definitely high (as local boy JBG and Bode found out today), but man is it a cool place to watch a race or take a World Championships bronze medal in GS, as Mr. Ligety did in 2009. Ah, good times

       There are a ton of great places to eat in Val d’Isere, but for some reason our Team gravitates to two of them – a sweet little crepe joint with room enough for about 10 people and an American style diner in the Quicksilver store. The burgers really are pretty good and so are the milkshake

20 DNFs my friends, told ya this thing was tough. Bummer that list also includes Will Gregorak. Jit, T. Ford and Warner made it down, but not fast enough. Come on TED!

It’s cold, but a beautiful sun shiny day in France. Round two is in the cue for 7:15 a.m. ET, so hook up some live timing at along with your scrambled eggs. Mmm, love me some live timing.

 p.s. Can anyone lone my friend Shauna a toothbrush and a hoody? Lufthansa has no record of what was supposed to be her clothes for the next four months.

 St. Moritz, Switzerland – women’s super G

-       LV has been on the podium here something like five times. I wouldn’t expect that to change today. But I would expect a tight battle. The women’s World Cup is already shaping up to be incredibly exciting. Lindsey, Julia and Maria all skiing fast – this is cool and awesome for the sport. Jules goes 13 and Lindsey 19.    

        My colleague Graham Dunbar from the AP hung out with Jules yesterday and said it was an awesome conversation. Check the wire later today for the story peeps. Jules is on fire lately. Switching gear and training groups has been a very good thing. Yep, she’s rolling with the speed team now.

The U.S. speed girls in general are on fire, they’re easily the fastest collective group on the World Cup right now. Did you see the smack down they put on Lake Louise? Alice, Stacey and Chelsea have all been in the top 15 on this hill and they absolutely can do that today and bring Laurenne, Leanne and Megan along with them. 

Bibbers: Mancuso 13, Vonn 19, Ross 35, Smith 36, Marshall 44, McKennis 45, Cook 51, McJames 52They were calling for heavy winds in SUI and we do have some of that, but not to the extent of the original report. That being said, we’ve got fog and snow instead. After sending  a couple of forerunners, we’re on delay folks. It is anoutdoor sport.When and if we get this thing off, is streaming it live on the internets