Crescent Spur Heli Skiing in BC Canada

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 13, 2010 9:08 am

Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing sits in the Rocky Mountain Trench, British Columbia between two of the provinces most famous mountain ranges, the Rockies and the Cariboos.
Crescent Spur has 1500 square miles of terrain in both of these mountain ranges, giving an unending choice for skiing and boarding, from glaciers, to alpine bowls to naturally gladed forests. A boutique company with a great history, Crescent Spur offers a very personal heli-skiing experience for a maximum of 20 guests per week.

The Crescent Spur Experience

Crescent Spur guest experience is centered around it’s “2-2-2” policy:

Two groups of 10 only share one helicopter. This means virtually no waiting for multiple groups.  

Two guides per group, for a high level of service – a 5 guests to 1 guide ratio.  

Two mountain ranges to choose from, with different weather and snow conditions in each.  We can choose the best skiing and best flying for each and every day.

Crescent Spur is famous for it’s consistent dry fluffy snowfall. Their interior location means that storms rarely are accompanied by fog, allowing guests to continue skiing when others cannot fly, are lodge bound or looking for alternate types of skiing.  On average they record only 1.5 down days (non skiing days) per season.  Click here for their website, Crescent Spur heli skiing