Drew Tabke skis amazing line at Solitude

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 13, 2010 10:11 am

Drew Tabke is freakin sick.  This video is of him skiing Fantasy Ridge at Solitude a couple years ago.  I just wanted to get it out ther again because it deserves another look.

The photo here has a good story.  I was already at the GMD at Alta having a few beers when Drew came in all excited and called me out for quitting the day 30 minutes early.  He was wearing his full face helmet so i knew i had better go with him.  We get to the jump and he launches it with a perfect landing.  I’m ready to hit the traverse and he says he’s gotta do it again.  He hikes up to the cliff, rests for about a minute and stomps it again.  Glad he rousted me out of the bar so i could get this sweet photo.  You can see Drew on the Freeride World Tour this year standing on podiums and throwing back flips….