Stratton Mountain School racers start season in Alaska

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 13, 2010 10:36 am

Girdwood, AK‹The preparation of the Stratton Mountain School Alpine Program
paid off in Alaska while five boys and four girls competed in the Alaska
Best Water FIS Tech Series at Alyeska, Alaska. All nine of the SMS athletes
scored solid results to lower their point profiles, which will help with
their start numbers for the rest of the season.

For the men¹s side, Danny Fowler ¹12 led the charge for SMS at the first
Slalom event of the series on Dec. 9. His ninth-place finish was closely
followed by teammates Dylan Alvarez ¹12 and Trevor Lennox ¹12, who were 10th
and 11th overall. Alvarez, however, was the second JII racer, and Lennox was
the third JII racer in the competition. In their first-ever FIS races, Taner
Abadan ¹13 was able to finish in the top 20 with a 15th-place spot, and
Brian Mangiacotti ¹13 came in 25th.

During the second Slalom series, Alvarez, from Vail, Colo., was able to hold
on to another 10-spot, while Abadan, from Montclair, N.J., clinched 18th.
Fowler, from Basking Ridge, N.J., finished 27th and Mangiacotti, from
Bondville, Vt., came in 30th. Lennox, from Weston, Vt., skied out during his
first run.

For the women¹s Slalom races, all four SMS girls were able to hold onto
top-20 spots. Whitney Hadden ¹14 finished the best for the girls with an
impressive seventh-place result. Chloe Daley ¹13 came in right behind her to
earn eighth. Alicia Riley ¹12 and Isabella Lynch ¹13 took home 11th and
19th, respectively. During the second Slalom event, Hadden, from Manchester,
Vt., remained the best SMS finisher with a 12th-place spot. Riley, from
Sodus Point, N.Y., came in 13th, while Daley, from Richfield, Wis., earned
19th. Lynch, from Bedford Corners, N.Y., fell during her second run.

On Dec. 11, the series shifted gears into Giant Slalom races. Fowler earned
12th with an 83-point finish in the first race. Lennox came in 16th during
the first race, while Abadan earned 22nd and Mangiacotti took home 30th.
Alvarez followed up the next day with an 11th place spot, finishing as the
second best JII and scoring 77 points, the lowest of this career. Lennox
moved up to take 15th while Fowler came in 17th in the second GS.
Mangiacotti placed 25th and Abadan earned 28th.

During the first GS for the girls, Hadden came in 12th, while Riley finished
just behind her in 16th and Lynch came in 17th. Daley skied out during
second run. Hadden led the pack for the SMS girls with a on Dec. 12, and
all three other girls finished top 25, with Riley taking 22nd, Daley earning
23 and Lynch clinching 24.

³This was a successful race series for the whole group,² said SMS Alpine
Coach Matt Maloney. ³All of the boys lowered their points, which will help
build promising FIS point profiles for the rest of the season.²

Stratton Mountain School is a premier ski and snowboard academy located at
the base of Stratton Mountain. The independent school serves students in
grades 8-12 with a winter program for seventh graders. The SMS community of
students, faculty, coaches and staff share the pursuit of academic and
athletic excellence.

Men¹s Slalom Dec. 9:
Danny Fowler, 9th
Dylan Alvarez, 10th overall (2nd JII)
Trevor Lennox, 11th overall (3rd JII)
Taner Abadan, 15th
Brian Mangiacotti, 25th
Women¹s Slalom
Whitney Hadden, 7th
Chloe Daley, 8th
Alicia Riley, 11th
Isabella Lynch, 19th

Men¹s Slalom Dec. 10:
Alvarez, 10th
Abadan, 18th
Fowler, 27th
Mangiacotti, 30th
Women¹s Slalom
Hadden, 12th
Riley, 13th
Daley, 19th

Men¹s Giant Slalom Dec. 11
Fowler, 12th
Lennox, 16th
Abadan, 22nd
Mangiacotti, 30th
Women¹s Giant Slalom
Hadden, 12th
Riley, 16th
Lynch, 17th

Men¹s Giant Slalom Dec. 12
Alvarez, 11th (2nd JII)
Lennox, 15th
Fowler, 17th
Mangiacotti, 25th
Abadan, 28th
Women¹s Giant Slalom
Hadden, 20th
Riley, 22nd
Daley, 23rd
Lynch, 24th