Powder day: Storms hitting the west coast right now

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2010 9:44 am

Powderchaser Steve brings another update of storm activity hitting the west coast this morning.  He has a sweet website and gives updates where the powder will be next.  Sign up for his newletter on the site so you can rest easy at night that you know where the next storm will bring plenty of powder to ride in!
 The big chase for powder will return this week as the Pacific Northwest is finally seeing low elevation rain come to and end and significant snow expected even at lower elevations in the next 2 days (11-16).   It was snowing 2-3 inches per hour at Crystal and Baker at 6AM.   Snow is just reaching the Sierra Region today (8-12)  and will reach the Wasatch of Utah by 3pm.   Heavy wet snow will start out in the Wasatch this evening and significantly get lighter in density by daybreak Wednesday where I expect storm totals in the 15 inch range for Snowbird, and perhaps higher at Brighton and Solitude where Southwest Flow today will bump their totals up slightly. Park City, Snowbasin, Powder Mountain will see decent amounts only at the highest peaks due to the warm airmass ahead of the front however very cold temps on Wednesday will keep conditions decent with the fluff on top of the warm stuff that falls on Tuesday.

The Chase? 

Today!   Pacific Northwest storm ski day with another 4-9 inches or Northern Sierra where heavy snow will fall into this evening.

Wednesday: Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, Snowbasin- 9-18 inches fresh from overnight dumpage. Storm ski in the afternoon at Aspen, Crested Butte and perhaps moderate snow for the I-70 corridor of Colorado.

Monday/Tuesday -  Stay tuned for another powder alert as systems will continue to favor many areas of the West!

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