World Cup News & Notes

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 17, 2010 8:12 am

U.S. women have stacked history of success in Val d’Isere – two particular racers in general. You may know them. Lindsey and Julia have combined for seven trips to the World Cup podium here since ’95. The first of which went to a certain L. Kildow and earned her el cow. 

Here’s an official FIS update care of Shauna Farnell:


Gents are riding camels in Val Gardena and sailing a football field or so over the famed humps. It’s the Saslong Classic and one of the coolest tracks on the World Cup circuit. If you’re into motocross, you’ll be into this hill. The guys dig it too – it owns the plaque for greatest single day in U.S. men’s history with five in the top 10 two seasons ago.

Game on, here’s the notes:

Val d’Isere, France – women’s super G
- Ma Nature has a beef with this race (mind the pun). She sent three feet of fluff overnight to Val D, cool if you’re there for powder skiing, not so much if you plan on running the long boardsover a perfectly prepared sheet of grippy hard goodness. That’s two strikes on this one – strike one was last Saturday in St. Moritz. Two years ago, I was snowed in at Val d’Isere for three days…but that’s a whole other story.

Val Gardena, Italy – men’s super G
- There was a bit of rain in Val G prior to this week’s downhill training runs – translation, the track is uber schnell. On a hill where timing is absolutely key to being fast, slick makes it even more key. A short or a longer flight on any of the classic Saslong jumps could mean serious pain.

- Sassolungo or Saslong for short is actually a big darn rock that looms over the hill – so much so, that it actually casts a pretty imposing shadow over the speed track. Here’s a coolpicture:’Alpe_di_Siusi_(desc).jpg. The course runs directly to the left of that sucker, starting above the trees and the plunging into the forest with moto-x style banks and jumps all the way to the finish, which is below the town. Yep, it’s down in the coldest freezer box hole ever. Thank you Spyder for the green puffys this season.

- Ths super G is always a wild card here, in the last three years of doing this race pre-downhill, there’s beennine different guys on the podium. Bode was one of them in 2007, he was fourth in the final DH training run and me thinks the mileage on those speed boards in definitely there. Bode goes 10 with Warhorse 3 and Sully 6 – that means enough time for one – maybe both of these guys to get a course report up to the top – hopefully from the leaders box.

- Tra from Squaw is on board with bib 43 and this kid loves to fly. It’s his first time on this hill, so he’ll have a lot still to learn, but he can still be incredibly fast. Travis isn’t a bigguy, but he’s amazingly confident and has no problem pointing it.

- Nyman won the downhill here in ’07 and definitely has a soft spot in his hear for ol Sassolungo. Plus he’s got those SG points from Beaver Creek still fresh in his mind. Esteban goes 56. Fish is in too with bib 60. He took a digger during training this week and has some new Italian teeth to show for it, but he’s not one to sit this out. NorAm SG champ Chris Frank is on board too.

*Provided by Doug Haney (Alpine Press)