Eagle Pass Heli Skiing: Where eagles fly

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 20, 2010 10:33 am


Eagle Pass Heliskiing was the brainchild of 3, impassioned local Revelstoke ski guides coming together with similar ideas and aspirations. Many years of exploration and permit processing led to Eagle Pass Heliskiing being granted a 30-year tenure for over 1,000 square kilometers (270,000 acres) of some of the world’s best heliskiing terrain.

Within British Columbia, the city of Revelstoke is seen to be the “mecca” for heliskiing.  Eagle Pass Heliskiing has moved into “The Last Piece of Paradise” as described by SKIING magazine. (September 2008)  The terrain of Eagle Pass Heliskiing is nestled in between the three original and largest heliski operations in British Columbia, Canada.  Currently there are 19 heliski operations in British Columbia.

Where Eagles Fly

Our name comes from the famous Eagle Pass (elevation 550m / 1804 feet) which cuts through the rugged Gold Range of the Monashee Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

Eagle Pass was discovered by Walter Moberly in 1865 in his role as assistant surveyor general for British Columbia. His job was to explore new routes for travel and trade for the fast growing territory. The story is that he shot at an eagles’ nest and watched the birds fly up a valley.  Reasoning that the birds were unlikely to fly up a blocked valley, he followed them up and discovered the pass which, 20 years later, was chosen as the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway and much later the Trans Canada Highway. In fact, It was near here that the “last spike” of the Trans Canada rail line was driven into the ground—a watershed moment in Canada’s history and an act that consolidated the country as a nation.

The Experience

Since day one, the philosophy at Eagle Pass Heliskiing has been to strive to provide the ultimate heliskiing experience with total attention to detail, and an unpretentious friendly atmosphere. Small group heliskiing is at the core of this philosophy and is a key part of what we offer our guests.

After many years of exploration, we discovered the perfect location in the midst of the ruggedly beautiful Monashee Mountains, where the snowfalls and tree skiing are legendary. An easy-to-travel-to base of operation was chosen with extensive poor-weather skiing terrain very close by, resulting in our very few ‘down days’. Further afield was a huge variety of expansive glaciers, majestic alpine bowls, long chutes, and open forests and burns.

To establish an intimate and exclusive feeling, client numbers have been kept to a maximum of 12 guests. To add to this exclusivity, the helicopter parks at the chateau’s front door, and our vertical guarantee is the best in the business.

We encourage everyone to arrive in good shape and be ready to ski some of the world’s best powder on breathtaking terrain. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience. We recommend starting training programs at least 6 weeks prior and that you have ten or more days of skiing before arriving. One excellent way to prepare is to arrive a few days early and warm up at one of the local ski resorts.

The ultimate goal at EPH is to keep it safe, keep it fun, and keep it extraordinary.