VIEW: Mammoth Mountain snow apocalypse an act of snow terrorism

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 21, 2010 2:19 pm

It’s a snow apocalypse.  Bush has labeled it snow terrorism.  Snow crystals are the enemy combatants flooding the battlefield.  Fifteen Guantanamos would not be enough.  Still, some international do-gooders are claiming, “Mammoth Mountain is just Mammoth Mountain.  This is what she do.”  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS


Chis Benchetler in action above.  Chris Benchetler in words: “There use to be houses and a street here. We are completely buried!!!” and “Complete madness out there… I have never seen this much snow in one storm in my life.”  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS


The numbers are incomprehensible.  In four days, Mammoth Mountain has been bombed with 15 1/2 feet of snow.  On average, 2 inches of snow have been falling for four days straight! It’s already the snowiest December on record and the fat man still hasn’t dropped the chimney.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS


Stump Alley Express.  It’s where to park the car.  The friendly folks who bring their dogs and RVs.  What a scene all year it will be for Mammoth Mountain and for those of us who feel immense joy when gearing-up in the parking lot at Stump Alley Express.  With Mammoth already accumulating 250+ inches of snow, the question is not should you go, but when.  How about… now!  I’m out.


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