Nick DeVore breaks shoulder in half and bruises lung

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 25, 2010 6:35 pm

I just came across this story on by Tim Mutrie and i am pretty bummed.  Nick DeVore, one of the best tele skiers on the planet just broke his scapula or shoulder bone in half and bruised his lung.  He was skiing at Aspen and hit a rock under the snow and flew into uncovered rocks. 

Nick DeVore: “It hurts a lot. Still. I’m not doing anything for a while. … It’s just crazy, you’re skiing a pow run and then wham.”

“I skied the same run the run before and it was awesome. It’s rocky under there and tends to melt out, so nobody ever skis it. It’s got that left-hand point-break fall line going. I love it. But not so much anymore.”

“I have a huge gash on my ski. I’ve never seen anything like it, two inches wide, two inches long, and not even       photo: Gabe Rogel

a core shot but the whole base is compressed in. I hit the rock and it stopped my feet and sent me superman-flying forward. As a telemarker, I’m pretty proficient at the tele roll. It’s really vivid, actually, I saw rocks coming at my face but I must’ve done a ninja roll or something because I ended up taking them to my back.”

“I couldn’t breathe, I heard bones break. Yep, I was hurt.”  click here to read the full story by Tim Mutrie