New poster maps lost Colorado ski resorts

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2010 11:38 am

Colorado Ski Country USA started selling Tuesday a new “Colorado’s Lost Resorts” poster that shows the location of 169  ski areas  including 140 ski areas that have closed and the currently operating resorts. The poster also gives facts about many of the former ski areas. Colorado Ski Country USA is the trade association for the state’s major ski resorts except those owned by Vail Resorts that left the group in 2008.

The new poster is the second edition of the concept. The original Lost Resorts poster was created in 1999 by Colorado Ski Country USA with input from ski historians. In similar collaboration, some notable discoveries have been added in this second edition. Updates include finding one lost resort, the opening of a new resort and two resorts joining the lost.

“We thought it was important to continue telling the story of our state’s ski history since it is such an integral part of Colorado’s culture,” said Melanie Mills, president and CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. “The Lost Resorts poster captures the narrative of the ski industry in a way that gives lasting tribute to ski areas that are now a part of the past.”

At a cost of $19.99 each plus shipping and handling, the limited-edition, 2-foot by 3-foot posters may be purchased through the association’s website or by calling 303-837-0793. The posters will begin shipping on Jan. 3. The first edition of the posters sold out in a matter of weeks.

Colorado’s 29 operating resorts account for almost 20 percent of the nation’s skier and snowboarder visits. In the 2009-10 ski season, the state recorded 11.85 million visits. To compile this statistic, a skier or snowboarder visiting a ski area for all or part of one day counts as one visit.

Throughout the country, many mostly smaller ski areas have closed within the past 30 years. According to the National Ski Areas Association, 735 areas were open in the 1982-83 ski season, compared to 471 in the 2009-10 season.

For more on the lost ski areas of Colorado, an extensive Colorado ski history website is devoted to the subject.

(Photo courtesy of Colorado Ski Country USA)