World Cup notes with Doug Haney: Womens Giant Slalom

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2010 9:33 am

Merry Kwanzachristmakah all. There are advantages and disadvantages to being married to an elementary school teacher. Advantage, her students give all sorts of awesome little treats for Christmas. Disadvantage, her students give her all sorts of awesome little treats for Christmas. Is it strange that I find myself gravitating toward a chocolate peanut thingy at 4:15 in the morning?

Yessir, I’m stateside for a few more days, but the White Circus has pitched the inflatable Milka cow on the slopes of Semmering, Austria for a good ol women’s giant slalom. It’s a brisk 15 degrees and the thousands stand and hillside are dancing. Euro tuneage helps keep you warm. Here’s the notes:



Semmering, Austria – women’s giant slalom

- At just over an hour from Vienna, these races pack them in. When they started this gig back in ’95 they had over 10,000 in attendance each day, which was huge at the time for a women’s race. Austrian journalists started calling it the women’s Kitzbuehel – only without the terrifying downhill. After ’96 Semmering started swapping Decembers with Lienz, even years to Semmering and odd to, well you get the picture.

- LV spent Christmas with the Riesch family as always in Garmisch, which actually happens on Christmas eve, thentraveled to Semmering on Santa’s day. Folks have been asking if their dinner conversation would be awkward. I think not. These two have been friends for a long time. Maria is getting married at the end of the season and I’d lay a bet on LV being there. In the meantime, she’s in 6th going into round two with Maria 3rd. Santa gives podium presents

- Jules headed to the great white north for Christmas to kick back Norwegian style with the Svindals’ and take in some cross country skiing: She’s in Austria now, he’s in Italy. The tour’s don’t cross paths again until World Champs in Feb. Until then, Jules will charge. She’s 18th after the first run.

- Schlepstar and her family have a place in Telfs, just outside of Innsbruck. Not a bad place for little Lasse, who turns three in a month, to grow up. I got an email from her dad Buzz in Vail last night – said he was working seven days a week at the ski shop inVail, but was still getting up early to watch today’s race. You should too.Sarah’s tied for 20th with one more rip on her afternoon planner.

- McJ was in there too and charging hard, but the late ruts from starting in the 40′s bounced her on the wrong side of the hundies and she just missed the flip. She’ll be in tomorrow’s slalom for her round two – it’s a night race.

Grab a breakfast Christmas cookie. Go time for the second run is 7:30 a.m. ET with live streaming on


Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer