World Cup news & notes

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 29, 2010 8:45 am

Bormio, Italy – men’s downhill
- The Stelvio is gnarly. Why? Because it’s long and bumpy. It takes Wengen and Kitzbuehel and sandwiches them into over two miles of shock absorbs ion. Picture the hottest bluegrass session you’ve ever seen. There’s a guy on the left going to town on the rub board -only he’s using your legs and moving at 80 mph. Turn up the volume on Universal Sports today, you’ll understand what I mean. Nothing sounds like the Stelvio.

- Aside from the rattle, the track itself in spectacularly stunning. They’ve been racing on it since 1982 and it’s been the final race of 2010 for the guys since ’93. Maier, Trinkle, Rahlves and Miller have won in Bormio. Bode and Daron put on a clinic here at the ’05 Worlds with two podiums each. For Bode it was two wins and the famed two-minute balance of brilliance on one leg down the Stelvio in combined. Doug Lewis will be doing the call on Universal – you should listen to him. He took bronze on this sucker in the ’85 Worlds.

- We’ve got a small posse sporting the Spyder speedex today with Steven, Bode and Travis holding down the fort for Sully,Horse and Fish. I’d expect all of them to land in the points.

Click and go along for the ride. If you miss the bus, they’ve got the TV coverage at noon ET.

Semmering, Austria – women’s slalom
- The World Cup seesaw is in full tilt this December with LV swapping the lead with Maria on a regular basis. It’s fun to watch. We hold a few speed races and its full-on LV. Get techy and Mariatakes her turn. We’ve got a slalom today, the parallel event in Munich on Sunday, another slalom on Tuesday in Zagreb and then back to speed in Zauchensee and Cortina. It’s on.

- First run go time is at 3 p.m. local, which makes it 9 a.m. for you East Coasters. Perfecto for watching live on Secondstreams at nooner and we’ll be under the lights with over 10,000 raging Austrians providing the soundtrack. That’s entertainment.

- LV starts 14, Super Jules 31, Schlepstar 32, Resi 36 and Duke 54.

- Expect Sarah to surge. She switched up her roar yesterday in the GS and bam, top 15. But slalom is her thing – “I started doing a different shout at the start of my run because we thought that would be better for going faster. I am shouting when I go out rather than shouting before so I take the energy more into the run.” Game on Schlep.

- Julia has been training some mean slalom too and she will rip – right along with a hungry Resi Stiegler. She hasn’t chewed on enough World Cup in recent years, so race day is like walking into mom’s Christmas dinner after spending a month eating fast food. Chow down Res.

No need to get up early to stream this one and TV coverage flips on at 3 p.m. ET. Let’s all hang out and watch some ski racing.


*Notes provided by Doug Haney (Alpine Press)