Lake Louise heavy metal rail jam highlights

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 30, 2010 4:07 pm

Highlights from the Dec. 18th Heavy Metal Rail Jam at Lake Louise from a couple weeks ago.  Great footage and the kids are killing it.

2010 Heavy Metal Rail Jam

Junior Men’s Ski Women’s Ski

1st- Brendan MacKay

2nd- Thomas Nelner

3rd- Jay Heule

1st- Meagan Fiselier

2nd- Karly Sansom

3rd- Michelena Robinson

Men Ski Junior Men Snowboard

1st- Michael Brush

2nd- Kyler Tritter

3rd- Michael Rogne

1st- Kyle Mills

2nd- Jack Dawson

3rd- Noah Maisonneuve

Women’s Snowboard Men Snowboard

1st- Willow Boyd

2nd- Carly Scott

3rd- Clarissa Hlidek

1st- Kevin Maybey

2nd- Jonathan Chew

3rd- Nate Sheeran

4th – Jam Gallagher