Sugarloaf chairlift accident updated injury report Dec. 30

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 30, 2010 8:40 am

At least two skiers remain hospitalized following Tuesday’s chairlift derailment at Maine’s Sugarloaf ski resort.

Maine Medical Center stated that Andy Tongue and Mike Katz were in satisfactory condition. The hospital declined to say if an unidentified third skier who was admitted was still hospitalized.

To recap, several people were injured Tuesday after the lift derailed, sending five chairs crashing to the ground at Maine’s Sugarloaf resort.

Five adults and three children were taken to a hospital, and dozens of skiers remained on the crippled lift for an hour or more until patrols could get them down.

The ski resort was being hit by winds gusting up to 40 mph a day after the blizzard blew through. A witness stated that he saw a Sugarloaf employee working on the lift before the derailment.