World Cup notes with Doug Haney

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 2, 2011 7:47 am

Munich, Germany – men’s and women’s parallel slalom

- This is bracket style – a la March Madness with Bode, LV, Jules and Shred holding the American flag for the U.S. Ski Team. Top 15 World Cup start list points holders got the invite and Germany gets an additional slot for men and women to round the field to an even 16 on each side. Print these out and make your picks – it’s ski racing bracketology:



photo: Paul Bussi

- So, you’ve seen SBX – right? The start gates are electronically controlled and will drop automatically. If you jump the gun, it hurts. Not only will you be slow, you’ll have a bruise on your thighs to remind you not to barge next time. Each matchup features two runs. First racer down on round one earns a time advantage for round two – only they switch courses. Obviously – first racer down on the second run moves on down the bracket road. There’s some other technical stuff too. What’s life without the fine print:

If neither competitor finishes the second run, the result of the first run counts. If both were disqualified or did not finish the first run, the competitor who successfully skied the furthest distance in the second run will advance to the next round. In case of a tie after two runs, the result of the first run counts. The rules of the ICR and the World Cup rules are valid.

- Bode got lucky with a first run draw of Austrian Michael Walchhofer. Walchhofer is the current World Cup downhill leader for a reason – he’s a good downhiller. Slalom, not so much. Shred owns everything tech right now in my opinion and this is definitely a tech event, plus Ted likes the big show. He drew his good friend Julien Lizeroux of France. This will be a sweet matchup.

- LV drew Riesch the younger for her first battle royale – that would be Susanne. She’s a good slalom skier and grew up about 30 minutes drive from here in Garmisch. Jules is up against Austrian young gun Anna Fenninger. Anna hasn’t qualified for a World Cup slalom final in a long time…but she’s pretty good in super combined. This will not be a cake walk by any means, but that’s what makes PSL so sweet, any little mistake and you pay huge, but you can make it back.

Over 100 G’s and World Cup points are on the line. Guys have raced this event twice in Moscow. For gals this will be their first experience. They’re just about through course inspection – this is going to be awesome!




Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer