Protect Our Winters: center point of the winter sports community

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 4, 2011 12:55 pm

Click here to read a great article by Jeremy Jones and Gretchen Bleiler. 

Below is from the Protect Our Winters ‘about’ tab.  Please visit their website for more information and articles.  It’s a great organization with great things in mind.


- Protect Our Winters was started in 2007 by pro snowboarder, Jeremy Jones who, during winter trips, witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change on our mountains.

After having been turned away from areas that had once been rideable and seeing resorts closed due to lack of snow, Jeremy saw a gap between the winter sports community and the action being taken by them to address the problem.  Clearly, it’s time for us to step up and take responsibility to save the lifestyle that we all value so much.

Protect Our Winters is the environmental center point of the winter sports community, united towards a common goal of reducing climate change’s effects on our sports and local mountain communities.

POW was founded on the idea that if we harness our collective energy and put forth a focused effort, the winter sports community can have a direct influence on climate change and ensure that winters are here for generations behind us.