Schwarzenneger to hit slopes with Russian Prez

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 4, 2011 5:23 pm

The ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenneger, now has a bit of time on his hands and has tweeted President Medvedev for a ski. 

The two men have met in Russia and in the USA in recent years on official business. Both are keen skiers and obviously talked about the possibility of making a few turns together one day.

Schwazenneger, 63, has stepped down as governor after 7 years he is clearly looking to the future. Or to spend more time doing a few things he never quite had time for when he was in office.

He has just tweeted the President according to the Russian media inviting him to ski.

“Thanks. We agreed – I remember. We’ll definitely find the time,” Medvedev replied.

He also wished the “Governator” good luck for his future.

There is speculation of a Hollywood comeback, a book or getting involved in environmental projects.

It seems that before Schwarzenneger does anything though he wants to ski.

Arnold is a big fan of skiing and we have reported in the past on his involvement with charity ski projects in California. He founded a program to help disadvantaged kids have a go at skiing.


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