World Cup notes with Doug Haney

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 4, 2011 7:46 am

It was a quick flight from Munich to Zagreb on Monday and bam, we’re right back into it with THE women’s night slalom. Zagreb is the biggest city in Croatia and does it up right. Every single athlete wearing a start bib is treated like Oprah at the Ritz-Carlton. The Snow Queen Trophy is a fitting name for this event for sure.

My flight boards in 10, gotta be quick. Here’s the notes:

Zagreb, Croatia – women’s slalom (for results, click me)

- The entire field travels to the race hill directly through the city by motorcade. Yep, they close the streets and the athletes parade through town like Santa on Thanksgiving

photo: marco Trovati/AP                                        complete with fans lining the sidewalks. I don’t think Oprah gets that.

- The website for this race is incredible, hang out there between runs:, especially the multimedia section

- Men want to win Schladming. For women,it’s Zagreb. You get the crown, the thrown and a ton of $. They pay to 30 and there’s 120,000 Euro up for grabs with 42K going to the winner – god save thequeen I say.

- This slope is notoriously icy and is typically a DNF fest. Sharp edges and a serious desire to step in the ring is an absolute must to contend here. Add in some nasty fog with about 3-4 gatevision and you’ve got yourself one tough race this time around. LV, Jules and around 22 others found that out the hard way and are already thinking speed training in Zauchensee on Thursday. Resi and Hailey missed the cut. Doh.

- SHLEPSTAR! This gal found something in Semmering and packed it up for the trip to Zagreb. She started 30 and cashed that in for a fiver, .98 back after round one. Come on Sarah, we can smell podium too!

Second run streams LIVE on at nooner ET. 10,000 plus are on their way to the hill to watch the show and you should too.

Sawwwweeeeet, free Delta upgrade to first class.


Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer