Missing Sun Valley teen found by volunteer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 5, 2011 2:19 pm

The father of Dex Gannon, Steve Gannon, released a statement this morning in regards to his son who has been missing since December 31.

“For the past year, Dex Gannon had been experiencing psychological and emotional problems. Dex left Rice University in the spring of 2010 and returned home to the Wood River Valley to receive medical treatment.

“Thursday evening, Dec. 30, Dex was spending the night at the home of a friend in Elkhorn. Late that night Dex left a post on his Facebook wall stating: ‘Dex Gannon did it for love.’ He also left a banner message on his cell phone screen stating: ‘I love you all.’ The family believes this was his final goodbye.

“Dex left his cell phone, his wallet and all of his belongings at the house. He took a loaded weapon from the family’s home and left in the middle of the night on foot. The temperature outside was below zero.

“Despite an extensive search by Blaine County Search and Rescue, local police departments, community search teams involving dogs, snowmobiles, aircraft, a helicopter and hundreds of volunteers, Dex Gannon has not been found. Although Dex’s body has not been recovered, Dex’s family believes that he took his own life.

“The family of Dex Gannon would like to express their deep appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers, Blaine County Search and Rescue, local police departments, community search teams and the radio, newspaper and television stations for all of the support and efforts in this extensive search to find Dex Gannon.

“A memorial service will be held at the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood on Saturday, Jan. 8. at 2:30 p.m.”

Update Tuesday, January 4: Dex’s body was found by a volunteer near the Keystone Road area of Elkhorn.