Nordic combined event preview

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 5, 2011 8:02 am

05 January 2011 – After the break at Christmas and New Year, the 2010/11 DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup will go on in Schonach in the Black Forest (GER) this weekend. The star will be a brand new ski jumping hill. The cross-country track was also re-designed.

Expected is Felix Gottwald’s comeback after his injury in the middle of December. Hannu Manninen (FIN) will take part a the individual competition and team event, we’ll see Aldo Leetoja (EST) and Sergey Maslennikov (RUS) competing on World Cup level. Overall, a season-high of 77 athletes from 15 Nations will be present in Schonach.

From a statistical point of view, it will be interesting to see if an athlete of Team Germany will win the individual race for the first time after 1987 when Hubert Schwarz got first place. Or will be Mario Stecher, the Big One in Ramsau, successful again?

After the individual race on Saturday, there will be the only World Cup team event of the current season on Sunday. Favorites are the Germans who won this competition in the last two years. “It is always great to compete with home track advantage”, Eric Frenzel says. “In recent years, we won this event but got Silver or Bronze in the Championship races”, Tino Edelmann adds. “This year, we’ll try to do better…”


* Timetable:
Friday, 07 January 2011, 12:00: provisional competition round; Saturday, 08 January 2011, 12.00: jumping session HS 106; 14.30: 10 km cross- country Gundersen race (4 x 2,5 km); Sunday, 09 January 2011, 10.00: Team event, jumping session HS 106; 12.45: 4 x 5 km cross-country race.
* Hill facts: The first hill was built in 1924; restructions were made in 1934, 1937, 1955, 1963, 1967, 1972, 1979, 2001, 2010. Some hill records: 1924: 27,0 m; 1938: 55,5 m, 1966: 64,0 m, 1977: 75,0 m, 1984: 93,5 m, 1992: 95,5 m, 1997: 97,0 m, 2002: 98,0 m by Janne Happonen, FIN and Daiki Ito, JPN, 2008: 99,0 m by Ronny Ackermann, GER, 2009: 101,0 m by Mario Stecher, AUT.
The new hill cost Euro 2,25 millions; the financial support came by the regional/local governments of Baden-Württemberg, of Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis and of Schonach. The ski jumping hill is now a HS 106 m (K-point W 95 m).

The 2.5 km long race course is more difficult as the one in the years ago. The athletes have to climb a total of 348 m during their 10 km race because the total climb during one lap is 87 m. The maximum climb is 36 m, the high difference on the course is 39 m (lowest point 959 m above sea level, highest point 996 m a.s.l.)

All winners in Schonach:

23.01.2010 Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)

04.01.2009 Anssi Koivuranta (FIN)

06.01.2008 Petter Tande (NOR)

05.01.2008 Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)

06.01.2006 Hannu Manninen (FIN)

06.01.2005 Hannu Manninen (FIN)

04.01.2004 Todd Lodwick (USA)

05.01.2002 Felix Gottwald (AUT)

08.01.2000 Bjarte Engen Vik (NOR)

02.01.1999 Bjarte Engen Vik (NOR)

03.01.1998 Todd Lodwick (USA)

05.01.1997 Samppa Lajunen (FIN)

6.-7.1.1996 Fred Börre Lundberg (NOR)

7.-8.1.1995 Fred Börre Lundberg (NOR)

8.-9.1.1994 Kenji Ogiwara (JPN)

8.1.1993 Fred Börre Lundberg (NOR)

4.-5.1.1992 Fabrice Guy (FRA)

5.-6.1.1991 Fred Börre Lundberg (NOR)

7.-8.1.1989 Hippolyt Kempf (SUI)

3.-4.1.1987 Hubert Schwarz (BRD)

4.-5.1.1986 Hermann Weinbuch (BRD)

5.-6.1.1985 Hermann Weinbuch (BRD)

7.-8.1.1984 Thomas Müller ( BRD)


Team Events

24.01.2010 Germany

03.01.2009 Germany



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