Enter the Skizee

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 6, 2011 3:40 pm

Do you want to access backcountry powder stashes and generally be able to get around on your skis in areas inaccessible by car or truck?  Do you not have the patience or space for a snowmobile?  Well, you represent a niche in the market that Inventive minds mfg intends to fill.  And they intend to fill it with a quirky and interesting invention known only as the Skizee. 

The Skizee is essentially a compact snowmobile track with handles.  It’s pretty much as simple as that.  The handles are adjustable and there is a backrest so you can set yourself up comfortably.  The whole thing is powered by a low-emission 4 stroke engine with just over 10hp, and seems to reach pretty respectable speeds.  It claims to be very low maintenance, and apparently track replacement takes less than three minutes.  The whole thing folds up and fits easily in the trunk of a car, a nice feature for those of us that are sans-pickup. 

The other neat thing about the Skizee is that you can actually use it as a portable generator.  It comes with a power core that can be used to power battery chargers, headlamps, or whatever else you might need.  It also comes equipped with a braking system.  The Skizee is a unique invention that could open up backcountry possibilities for those who can’t access it through conventional means.  It comes with a price tag of $2,499 and a 1 year warranty, and is available in four snazzy colors.  For ordering information, or to see videos of the Skizee in action, visit http://www.skizee.ca/index.html