World Cup notes with Doug Haney

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 8, 2011 9:48 am

We are fortunate enough to receive World Cup updates from the US Ski Team press officer Doug Haney throughout the seaon and here is his latest edition.

It’s safe to say the World Cup season is in full swing when you find yourself at a tablefull of journalists drinking beer and gluhwein while the Altenmarkt Burgermeister shakes the room with his French horn. Later, the whole mess hurdled down the Hochnossleralm rodelbahn claiming we were ready for rodel inclusion into the Olympic program. Thanks for the pics Sandro:


Midway down and thinking i was a sure shot for the extremely unofficial podium, a blitz of snow zipped past on my left shouting “Vorsicht!”



careened off the trail and into a snow bank. It was the burgermeister.


It’s January in Europa my friends – women in Zauchensee, AUT and Shred looking to roll a four-bagger in Adelboden, SUI. Here’s the notes:


Adelboden, Switzerland – men’s giant slalom

-       There are two races every techy wants to win. Alta Badia and Adelboden. Shred checked off the “Holy Grail” just before Christmas – after obliterating the fields in Beaver Creek and Val d’Isere. Wikipedia currently has a photo of Ted under the entry for “en feugo.” Well, they should.


-       Winning one World Cup GS race in a season is not easy and three straight puts you in the Co. of Maier, Stenmark, and von Gruenigen. Four? The AP’s Graham Dunbar has that story, he caught up with Ted by phone directly after Zagreb: Ted says, “if it happens, it happens and that’s cool.” He likes to ski.


-       Bode, T. Ford, Jit and Warner are booted up and freeskied the hill this morning too. Wait, this morning. Yep, the start of this race is around 40 hours after the Swedish National Anthem played in Zagreb – on Thursday night. With Friday as a travel day, there was no time to get on the hill. So the boys took a free run or two this morning, then they set the gates on the cow pasture.


-       Bibs: Shred 7, Bode 31, Warner 34, Tommy 38 and Jit 48


Liftoff for this one is at 4:30 a.m. ET with finals at  7:30. Put “Watch Adelboden GS” on your bucket list now. 30,000 painted Swiss will be in the stands, do find your 80′s neon and click to Shred your laptop machine along with the action.


Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Austria – women’s downhill

-       Twenty minutes drive from Altenmarkt, this classic skiing village has a population no more than a few hundred. Tom Kelly loves this place. So does LV and Julia. In their last four starts here, they’ve accounted for five podium finishes – two of which were wins. Jules in ’07 and Linds in ’09.


-         Our Team loves this hill, Laurenne Ross can tell you why: and she’s only run this hill twice – Thursday and Friday. She was 16th in her first ride and jittery (in a seven-year-old on Christmas morning kinda way) at breakfast this morning.


-       For those of you playing along at, either LV or Maria Riesch have won every downhill since Are 2009. Eric Willemsen has that story:


-          Cookie, Leanne and Chelsea are locked and loaded here too and dag nab it this Team has been faaaaast this season. Chances are good, they’ll all be in the points. But chances are also there for thisgroup to do something special. It all starts with Leanne in bib 2, Stacey is 7, Jules 16, LV 20, Chelsea 26 and Laurenne at 36.

We’re on at 5:45 a.m. ET and I wouldn’t call this the Adelboden halftime show. This morning is one big main event. Universal Sports has got the coverage.

Whoa! Heir Burgermeister just walked into the press room – I’ve gotta talk to that guy.


 p.s. For those of you who are FB friends with Mitch Gunn, I’d expect some good rodelpics there too. That guy is a nut.


Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer