World Cup notes with Doug Haney: Mens Slalom woman Super G

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 9, 2011 8:30 am

A few things are an absolute guarantee on World Cup mornings. The first is at least one Lady Gaga song will play while you’re chomping granola and yogurt – not a good way to start the day, at least if you’re me. The second is when walking to breakfast, i will see LV bumping hip hop while on the hallway spin bike.

 Today, she was stretching on my way back up the stairs, Stacey Cook was on the other


bike. It was just after 7 a.m. – we don’t race until 11:45.


What’d you do this morning?


My bag is packed and already in the car pointed to Flachau, but first we’re throwing down a super G in Zauchensee and Shred has a little bone to pick with Adelboden – bring on the wickets. Here’s the notes:


Adelboden, Switzerland – men’s slalom

-       In nine runs of World Cup giant slalom this season, Ted went 2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-29. His GS dominance isn’t a question. But for two years, he’s been talking about getting his slalom back. He was sixth in Zagreb on Thursday, .37 off the podium. And that’s all I have to say about that. (note, I said nine runs, because he was 2nd in the opening run in Soelden before the race was bagged)


-       The World Cup was born in Adelboden, seriously. January 1967 marked the very first stop for the White Circus. Bode was born 10 years later. Since then, he’s taken 22 race runs on the alpine field of dreams. One of them was to the slalom victory. It was 2002, less than a month before his first of what would be five Olympic medals. I’d watch today’s race – who knows – it may be Bode’s last in Adelboden.


-       David Chodoundsky – AKA Daver or Chowder grew up skiing with Lindsey Vonn. I was watching Zagreb Thursday while Lindsey was interviewing with Swiss TV a few feet away. Midway through, she stopped the interview. “I’m really sorry,” she said. “Doug, did Daver go yet – how’d he do?” I promised to text her 1st run results during super G warm-up. He goes 34.


-       Willy B is fast and has a really good story. Aimee Berg got the scoop: You might recognize the athlete bragging about him in this story. Will starts 37.


-       Universal Sports hands out  Tweet of the Week Award. Nolan Kasper gets mine – “Radelboden.” Nolan goes 56. He’s blogging for Outside TV, check it out:


Go time set for 4:30 a.m. ET folks. A few of the girls were watching with me from the Zauchensee press room yesterday before their race. I’m sure they will be again.


Zauchensee, Austria – women’s super G

-       OK, so we all know Lindsey is in better shape than 99% of the world, but that translates in a few different ways. Here’s a cool piece ESPN did for the Olympics, I remember working on this with them, but actually didn’t see it – until this morning:


-       Believe it, or not this is only the second super G of the season after both Val d’Isere and St. Moritz were bagged by Momma Natura. You’re going to have to jump back to Dec. 5 for the last time the women had out the SG skis for a race. LV won and Jules was third. Jules made a couple of mistakes in yesterdays DH and ended up 16th. She watched a lot of video yesterday.


-       Cookie, Laurenne and Leanne were also in the top 25 in the Lake Louise SG. Granted, this is a totally different hill with a lot more going on (jumps, high speed turns, etc). Could be interesting.


-       Oh, one more thing. The fans here are insane. To move 300 feet from the finish area to the press conference yesterday, three security guards (avg size 6-2, 220 easy)  and me (5-8, 140) made a ring around LV and walked through the crowd. Good times:


There’s a full brass band cranking it up inside the base café and we’re rocking this thing at 5:45 a.m. ET with our friends at Call your mom this morning and tell her you love her, she’ll smile.



Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer