High tech shopping and unbeatable customer service

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 10, 2011 9:27 am (s4s) is a specialty online snowboard shop focusing in snowboard protection, racks, boards/boots/bindings, bags, packs, travel luggage and offers many accessories related to the snowboarding market.  They offer top name brands like Burton, Dakine, 686, Grenade, One Ball Jay, Neff, Giro, Unity, Flux, Technine, Morrow with more on the way.

The website was founded in 1998 by Dave Gullo, a web application developer and boarding enthusiast. “This company focuses my interests in web development, my love for snowboarding, belief is snow protection, and many years of ski/snowboard tech and snowboard industry experience.”  


Company founder Dave Gullo with partner Brock Meintel. 

Within 2 years of the site launch it became leading site on the Internet to exchange new or used snowboarding gear person-to-person.  During this time, the site contained more qualified posts daily than eBay or Craigslist for new & used gear. Tens of thousands of unique rider-driven posts later, the site possessed a very large and unique index structure with Google,Y! and now Bing.   In 2001 the company incorporated and began selling protective gear & snowboarding accessories online, platformed with an already large portfolio of organic search terms the company grew into more mainstream brands. uses open source web technologies to drive the operations of the business and  to deliver stellar customer service and an amazing selection of physical & virtual snowboarding accessories at very competitive prices.  They have developed a platform delivering a spectrum of services to fully support the customer shopping experience, procurement (Content Management System), fulfillment (Pick Pack Shipping) and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) functions.  Additionally, a library of hi-def product videos is continually added to YouTube and cross-pollinated into social media sites.

The website consistently maintains many unique generic positions on page-1 of Google, Yahoo and MSN  related to snowboarding and has  spent $0 in marketing in its 12 years online.  The company is an authorized dealer of every brand it sells online. Since incorporation the company has acquired tens of thousands of unique customers worldwide and maintains a 4.8+ rating on Google Shopping.

The website is also a leader in ski/snowboard racks for vehicles.  It employs a vehicle configurator for ski & snowboard racks which allows a customer to provide a year/make/model of vehicle and see available Inno Rack systems.  Besides configuring your ride, their “shopping assistant” allows you to shop for snowboarding gear in your size based on available items that are in stock.

A Customer Relationship Management
toolkit is tightly integrated into the web & shipping platform providing the “720° customer view”.  The company uses live chat to communicate with customers who are unable to call during school or business hours, but they have access to a web browser.  Roughly 65% of the customer responses are via their live chat system.

On the customer-facing side a shopping mannequin aids the buyer in their selections based on body measurements. The mannequin tool presents all relevant products in their size that are currently IN STOCK for the customer.


Within the boundaries of MAP-pricing and contractual agreements, the company does specialized promotions and seeds various coupon sites with promotional discounts.  It also stays competitive with what other shops are doing on Froogle and other meta-shopping websites.

They are moving operations in the summer and plan to make a brick-n-mortar location which will focus on outfitting boards/boots/bindings and will focus more on tactile goods such as outerwear and eyewear.

So the next time you are in need of these products, give a try, you won’t be disappointed.