World Cup notes with Doug Haney: Womens Slalom and bib draw video

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 11, 2011 7:43 am

Athletes were ripped to the stage for last night’s bib draw via dirt bike – the bibs sentdown 50 feet by a local ski club kid on zip line. It was 7:30 p.m. and Flachau was raging.
When I was in college Michigan State played Notre Dame with an 8 p.m. Saturday kickoff. Pretty sure I remember having a beer at seven that morning. That tailgate scene has nothing on Flachau.

There’s a band cranked up in town. Fans are lining the slope and there seems to be anadequate number of Gosser beer tents per capita…but I’m probably wrong on that. Last night three guys hopped past me in pink bunny suits. Why not…

They’re expecting 15,000 tonight and it’s probably a low guess. It’s THE women’s night slalom, here’s the notes:


Flachau, Austria – women’s slalom

- Last year 12,000 crazed Austrians came out to see Marlies Schild become the Snow Space Princess. This time around Flachau upped the ante. They invested two million Euro for a permanent lighting system. It’s safe to say the light will be consistent for everyone. Here’s some pics: Glad i’m notwatching the meter.

- 110,000 Swiss Francs are on the line and they’re paying to 10. Winner banks 38-5 or just under $39,500 to us Yankees. There’s a freestyle motocross show at halftime.

- The girls freeskied the race hill last night. The start is steeper than last year and there’s a series of huge rollers down the gut of the pitch. Resi and Schlepstar LOVE it – check out our Facebook page for some video clips –

- OoohEssAh tech el jefe Trevor Wagner set the first run at 11 a.m. this morning. “Get ready for quick feet like we’ve been training and be active over those rolls – you’ll find speed in every one of them,” he told the Team at last night’s meeting. They were smiling.

- LV trained some mega wickets yesterday and today. Jules hit it hard too. “I love night races,” Vonn told my friend Eric Willemsen with the AP. “When I was young I grew up in Minnesota and we always used to ski at night, every day from 7 to 10. I love skiing in the lights.”

- Schtart nummers – Lindsey 16, Sarah 26, Julia 33, Resi 36, Hailey 52 and Lauren 65. Seventy-nine on the board and only 30 are going into the bonus round.

MPH kicks this one off at 11:30 a.m. ET LIVE on your lunch break at My wife will be watching with peanut butter and honey toast. Money round is set for 2:30. Time to put on my snowpants.



Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer