LINE Traveling Circus Episode 3: This Is Stupid

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 12, 2011 12:06 pm

About Episode 3 of the Traveling Circus:  While waiting for resorts to open and get snow, things get weird. Spending eight hours pushing a 250 lb. box up a hill, eating week old pasta while living in a van or flipping through a small hole in tree branches. In summary episode three documents the some of the most dazed, ill-advised and stupid ways to have fun on skis. Enjoy!

No high-end production crews, annual movie sales, snowmobiles, or heli trips to AK here, just a couple of die-hard ski bums with a camera powered by more creativity, ingenuity & hyperactivity than a 3rd grade art class. This band of misfit skiers are lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry on a year round adventure criss-crossing North America in search of an angled surface to ski on and doing whatever it takes to continue to continue sliding. It’s reality TV meets modern ski bumming, for comedy, adventure and skiing antics that proves reality is more entertaining than fiction. Over 60,000 views are watched of each of the six episodes per season online by skiers around the world, and the reason the Line Traveling Circus has been recognized with the first ever prestigious award of “Best Webisode” at the International Freeskiing Film Festival.