Westminster Rail Jam highlight video and awards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 12, 2011 1:07 pm

The Westminster campus will looked a little different this past Thursday morning. What once was just another parking lot was filled with snow, and rails of all shapes and sizes- long, arched, kinked, straight, skinny and wide, transforming the area into a small terrain park.  Westminster students can showed off some of their talents outside the four walls of the classroom at the college’s second annual Hart Rail Jam on January 6.
“We know our students perform at an exceptional level on the slopes, but it’s hard to bring the campus to the mountain,” explained Karl Gerner, vice president of Associated Students of Westminster College. “The obvious solution is to bring the mountain to campus.”
Cash prizes were awarded and free swag like headphones were given away. There was also a pair of skis raffled off along with a snow angel competition in between heats.   photo courtesy westminster college fb page


Ski – Men’s
1) Ian Hamilton
2) Garay Dadaly
Ski – Women’s
Hannah Doan
Snowboard – Men’s
1) Christian Hobush
2) Jordan Morse
Snowboard – Women’s
Lisa Swift