Inspired Media TV presents: B&E Show Episode 5 – The Medicine

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 14, 2011 4:46 pm

The following is from their you tube page and double click the video and you too can be there.  There’s a link to their website at the bottom of this post.   Enjoy!

- After a very good summer and fall time, filming around the globe for B&E Show Episode 4 ”Muddy Winters”, the B&E squad keeps striving for more. Now accompanied by their main filmer, Joakim Aslund, they fly over the continent to persu their goals and have fun skiing some of the best ski resorts and urban city’s on Earth. This time, skiing places such as Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Utah and Colorado, the crew along with friends searches deeper to find urban tranny’s and spots that has been mostly untouched by the skiing world to express their creativity. This episode is called ”The Medicine” because we see this movement, Inspired, as a cure to skiing’s future in it’s purest form. With the possible arrival of the Olympics, it might change a lot of the perception and clientele that will be brought upon the sport. The B&E squad will keep expressing their feel and way they see freeskiing throughout their episodes and hopefully spark the mind of the industry in order to support skiers that are dedicated to filming.

B&E SQUAD would like to thank: Our Families, Friends, Inspired media concepts, Eric Iberg, Tanner Hall, Ian Provo, Alex O’brien, Josh Finbow, Drew Lederer, Errol Kerr, Killian Amandola, Yoann, Nico at Budokan, Jake Strassman, Mike Nick, Greg Strokes, Duncan Lake, Pat B. and T’ su, Park city resort and our sponsors for this episode, Orage and Oakley.



To check out more about these all stars of edits, go to their website, INSPIREDMEDIA.TV