Speculation on Steve Jobs condition

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on January 17, 2011 7:59 am

If you haven’t already heard this morning, the man who has had more impact on skiers since some of the early Euro’s has taken another medical leave of absence.  Jobs a skier who has put TGR footage in his commercials, who’s founding partner at Apple, Mark Markulla helped fund Volant Skis…has had massive impact on skiing because the ipod is one of the most common pieces of gear on any mountain you go to now.  Although Skullcandy has taken some of the headphone business, it is Job’s who created pathway for listening to music while skiing.  It is his ipod that jacket makers have been making pockets for and his itunes that have been filling them with song.  So outside of actually performing the songs and Skullcandy – its all him.

Jobs came out with a statement that did not seem very positive.  “I love Apple so much and hope to be back as soon as I can.”  Jobs and Apple have had a history of being vague with the numerous health issues he has had.  And, not many are too put off with that.  But, Jobs has created such a big personality, and he is so ingrained in that companies success – many are concerned. 

In January of 2009, Jobs had a liver transplant and in 2004 he had a tumor on his pancreas that he survived. Although there has always been concern for his health, Jobs is a very active, healthy individuall.  He is also follows a strict vegan diet which is a common trait among cancer survivors.

The billionaire traded Pixar to become the largest single shareholder of Disney and is a significant shareholder of Apple as well.

As of now Jobs will continue to be the CEO, but Tim Cook, the COO will be responsible for all day to day operations of the business.  In early morning trading Apple stock was down nearly 10% in some world markets.