7 million Euros give the famed Hahnenkamm a facelift

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 18, 2011 12:06 pm

It’s Hahnenkamm week once again.  The famed downhill course where the winner gets to bartend late into the night and also where Tommy Moe arguably  ended his career slicing his thumb on a beer bottle.

This season 7million euros (over $9million) have been spent dressing up the old course. It is possible, says Kitzbuehel Ski Club president Michael Huber, that the course record might fall.

The Bruckenschuss, Gschosswiese, Gschoss and Alte Schneise have all had a face lift. The Buckenschuss is the section just after the Mausefalle and Steilhang. It is about two meters shorter and three meters higher than it has been.

The Gschoess has had its gradient increased by seven percent and is no longer the flattest portion of the course. The Gschoesswiese is three times wider than it has been and trees on both sides of the course have been removed to widen the approach to the Alte Schneise.

The take off point and entry to the Seidlalm has been doctored to make it “more interesting for both spectators and skiers alike.”

New netting has been erected along the Gschoess and is called “a unique piece of art” by the organizers.

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photo: gepa photo