Sun Valley Photo Contest winner announced

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 19, 2011 10:44 am

With 143 votes  Fran Jewell is the lucky winner of a BCRD Nordic “All Trails” Season pass complements of the Blaine County Rec. District and your friends at SunValleyOnline.

A little about the Dog: Baewulf is a Wood River Valley native! He was a puppy from Kearanen Talo German Shepherds (Fran Jewell) and bred specifically for service work in temperament and health. He was then trained by Positive Partners Assitance Dogs, Inc which was founded by Fran Jewell and Morgan Spector and was placed as a hearing assistance dog for a deaf woman in Bellevue, WA.
Baewulf is trained to “go get Danielle” and show her things that make sounds she needs to be aware of, like the morning alarm to get up, smoke detections, running water, if the phone or door bell rings, someone knocks at the door, someone calls Danielle’s name, or even if the timer on the stove goes off. He also alerts her to emergency sirens while Danielle is driving.
Wulf (as we call him) made many friends here in the WRV while he was training as a service dog. You may have seen him in the Pioneer, the Kneadery, Atkinson’s, the Sun Valley Club, on the KART buses, in stores, or anywhere around town while he was in training! Thw Wood River Valley is a GREAT place to train!