Powder Mountain Heli + Cat Skiing: Your best day ever

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 20, 2011 7:43 am

Ever since we took over as the owners of Powder Mountain Catskiing, we’ve been looking at all the amazing terrain… just over there. We’ve been mind skiing it for over 5 years. Epic bowls, long glacier runs that have the most perfect pitch, peaks that just look so epic you want to drop in right now and do a thousand turns or just three from top to bottom and of course mind blowing tree runs that leave your jaw on the floor. It’s all been sitting there, just past where we can get to with a snowcat. Waiting. We always said to each other “Imagine the runs you could get over there if we had a helicopter”.

So we went and got one, and the skiing and boarding is so much better than we even imagined. In fact it was ridiculous how great the skiing is. We partnered up with Black Tusk Helicopter who have the 387 square mile (100,000 hectare, 1000 sq km) tenure all around us and down towards Squamish and Vancouver. It’s almost safe to say if you have ever mind skied anything you can see from Highway 99 to the Powder Mountain base lodge on your way to Whistler, you can now ski it with Powder Mountain Heliskiing.

If you’ve ever wanted to drop in to a nameless run with a fully certified guide making your day as safe as humanly possible, this is the season to do so. We will be flying an A-Star helicopter – One pilot, one fully certified professional heliski guide, and four guests to some of the most amazing and easily accessible terrain anywhere. No matter what your powder ability we have runs for you. Just learning to link turns in powder and want to get “the trick”? How about a 4000 foot run down a glacier that by the bottom of the run you will know how to powder ski and if you don’t, we’ll just have to do it again. If you already have powder skiing or riding ability, we have runs that will make you want to quit your job, cash in your retirement plan and live in a motor home in our parking lot.

Our fully certified heliski guides will take you out into the backcountry to experience powder skiing and riding like it is supposed to be, un-tracked, un-hurried, un-crowded, unbelievable .



Powder doesn’t last long in Whistler anymore. It lasts forever at Powder Mountain Heliskiing. Our fully certified heli guides can sniff out the best run to make your day the best ever. With 387 square miles of terrain spread on mountains with runs on every aspect of the compass, the skiing is always un-tracked, un-hurried, un-crowded, unbelievable and most of the time on runs that are un-named… that is until we get to the bottom and give it a name. Come skiing with us in the 2010 season and you will get to name a run sometime during your trip. One of the Quid Pro Quo’s is no Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy or Hobbit references allowed. Wondering why? Let’s just say that being an owner has some perks, you have to make some rules that are there just to make the staff and guests laugh.


Heliskiing is for everyone. If you can ski Whistler Blackcomb, you can ski with us. We have runs from green circles to black and double black diamonds. The first run of every day is always a “Let’s get acquainted” run so we can gauge your ability and then tailor the day to you and your skiing ability. When you come skiing with Powder Mountain Heliskiing, the day is all about you and the other three people in the helicopter, not us. Our job is to keep you as safe as is possible in the mountains and to make sure you have the most fun possible skiing or riding terrain that suits your ability perfectly. Almost anyone can heliski, and have a blast doing it.


Your safety is our prime concern. We constantly monitor snow and weather conditions throughout the day so you can be as safe as possible in the backcountry. Everyone wears a transceiver and is trained to use it during our safety orientation session.


This is the Whistler you came for… No lift lines, no crowds and great snow all day.

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photo: mikecranephoto.com