X-Games preview: Ski cross champ Chris Del Bosco brings solar light to Africa

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 24, 2011 6:30 pm

Nokero International Ltd., maker of the world’s only solar light bulb, has partnered with Olympian Christopher Del Bosco to provide light to hundreds of people throughout Kenya, through a new program called Ski 4 Light, to be launched at ESPN Winter X Game 15 in Aspen, Colorado.

There are 1.6 billion people – a quarter of the human population – living without electricity across the globe, and they often burn dangerous, polluting kerosene for light. Del Bosco, a Colorado native, looks to use his talents and exposure in the sports world to spread the word - and the light - to those who need it most.

Smallest_Chris_Del_Bosco_With_LED_Nokero_Helmet_headshotWatch for Del Bosco and his Nokero-enhanced helmet during the Winter X Games 15 Skier X competition on Friday, Jan. 28 and Sunday, Jan. 30.  His state-of-the-art helmet is outfitted with an LCD display and a solar panel. 

Nokero’s innovative bulbs offer affordable, clean, and safe lighting to those who live without electricity and rely on fossil-fuel lanterns for lighting. The durable, rainproof light bulb is about the size of a standard incandescent bulb, is charged during the day by the sun, and provides hours of clean, safe light at night. www.nokero.com

“I believe in setting goals and going after them,” Del Bosco said. “My goal is to help raise $20,000 in donations, translating into 1,000 Nokero bulbs for the people of Kenya.”

In addition, Del Bosco and Nokero have pledged to give 1,000 bulbs to impoverished people in Kenya if Del Bosco can win the Winter X Games 15 Skier X competition.


boysStudyingVerticalThe Nokero bulb is already being used in over 70 countries that have limited, intermittent or no electricity such as Haiti, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Ghana and Chile. Ski 4 Light will directly help the people in Kenya, who live with no electricity and use dangerous fuel-based lanterns.

“Chris Del Bosco is an excellent athlete with an amazing personal story,” said Nokero founder Steve Katsaros. “We are very happy to support his racing career and also have his help spreading the word about what Nokero can do to help families and children around the world.”

With each $20 donation, a Nokero solar light bulb will be delivered to Kenyans who often go without light or use dangerous kerosene. 

Anyone can donate – simply log on to www.nokero.com/ski4light and click on “Donate Now.”

About Nokero

Founded by a Colorado-native inventor, Steve Katsaros, Nokero International Ltd. is creating solar lighting products and a business network to empower communities who use them.

Nokero’s Denver, Colorado office generates patented solar LED design and technology, and also develops business, marketing, and public relations strategies for the company as a whole. Nokero’s  Hong Kong office complements these efforts with its decades’-long experience in consumer products manufacturing and distribution.