Celeb for a day at Sundance

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 27, 2011 9:52 am

By The Ski Channel ace in the field, Jill Adler.

I feel like Cinderella after the ball. Except this Cindy is tired and extremely happy that not only has the ball ended for the night, it won’t be spinning as crazy for another year.  The day began with a stop at the TMG/IT Brands Luxury Lounge and Spa. The mindset was more of a courtesy call than pursuing a swagfest as the location was located in a home outside of Deer Valley’s Silver Lake Village and I had never heard of the brands representing.

The door opened with big smiles and warmth. You would have thought I had a movie in Sundance. Are you hungry? Would you like something to drink? Are you ready for your facial?  Ruben escorted me to the master bathroom which was as cozy as any spa treatment room. Courtney from A Brand New Day Salon in Salt Lake expertly layered my face with various products from Matis Paris. The company is bringing their line stateside.



Matis Paris Skincare lands in America


With squeaky clean, supple skin, I moved on to a ‘demonstration’ (manicure) from China Glaze the nail polish company,  makeup from Colorscience, false eyelashes from Ardell and what I thought would be a hairstyling. It turned out to be a full-blown hair chop after a flamboyant French hairdresser named Patrice from Beverly Hills accused me of having painful soccer mom hair. There went about 4” off the bottom.



Patrice has a whack at Kiptyn Locke’s hair too.


I have to admit that I needed to update my doo. Patrice set my hair with a comb-through, shine enhancing hairspray from It then marched me upstairs.


I received two bags of skincare products to keep my face looking good even without the makeup- sunscreens fromMDSolar and youth enhancing creams from DNA EFG Renewal. 


My hot, new printed buttondown from Roar went on my back immediately as did the stud earrings from designerLondon Manori. Love, love, love both of these companies.



Roar plaids for women


One more item and my dream makeover would be complete. I shared fitting space with Andie MacDowell. Her daughter Rainey and I picked out the same pair of knee-high, leather Bjorn boots.



Rainey MacDowell tries on Bjorn at the TMG Luxury Spa


Three hours later I thanked my hosts, said good-bye and left with more bags and boxes than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

I took my badass self down to the SuperDry Experience (aka The Downstairs) for a visit. SuperDry is a Japanese brand of Ts, denim and sweats soon launching in U.S. Cute stuff! But best for skinny chicks and dudes.

I caught the last happy hour at the Stella Café (they closed up for good Monday night.)


One beer and I still made it to the screening of Neil LaBute’s I Melt With You. (Review to come.)

Finally, makeup and hair still intact, I hopped a city bus back to Main Street for the Napa Valley Film Festival’s coming out party at the Kimball Art Center (aka Sundance House).  By 10 p.m., my coach was turning gourd-like and I called it a night.

At home, my boyfriend looked at me with confusion, “Thought you said you were going to Sundance?” “I did” “And you get a new haircut and makeover?” “Of course, that’s Sundance!”;  “You’re supposed to cover the stars not look like one. Get over here, Hotty. ”  :)

 by Jill Adler

Jill Adler is an award-winning outdoors writer and broadcaster based in Park City, Utah. As a professional skier, rock climber, kayaker, hiker and mom, she goes out of her way to play hard and tell about it. To find out more or to send her a note, follow her on Twitter @pcskigal.