Bjornsen leads U.S. in Junior World Sprint

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 28, 2011 12:21 pm

Author of Story: Zac Amidan

Bjornsen Leads U.S. in Junior World Sprint

OTEPAA, Estonia (Jan. 28) – University of Alaska Anchorage’s Erik Bjornsen (Mazama, WA) led the U.S. finishing in the top 15 at the FIS Junior World Nordic Ski Championship’s cross country classic sprint in Otepaa, Estonia on Friday. 

A great day of racing took place with seasonable temperatures and cloudy skies. With a strong field of athletes and a large crowd to cheer them on, the Junior World Championships is in full swing.

On the men’s side Sergey Ustiugov of Russia took the top spot, followed by Sondre Turvoll Fossli of Norway in second and Gleb Retivykh of Russia in third. The top U.S. finish went to Bjornsen in 14th who skied a competitive race. 

“Erik definitely looked good enough to ski in the top 10.” said Junior World Championship Cross Country Head Coach Matt Whitcomb, “Fourteenth is a really competitive spot. I know Erik wanted more, but he is definitely not disappointed nor are we.” 

Lucia Anger of Germany finished in the top spot for the women, Kari Oeyre Slind of Norway in second and her teammate Ragnhild Haga also of Norway in third.  This is Slind’s and Haga’s second Junior Worlds medals after finishing first and second in Wednesday’s 5k freestyle technique. Heather Mooney (Peru, VT) was the top U.S. women’s finisher narrowly missing the finals by three tenths. 

The Junior World Nordic Ski Championships will continue with the men’s and women’s 20/10k pursuit.  

Junior World Nordic Ski Championships
Otepaa, Estonia – Jan. 28, 2011
Cross Country Classic Sprint

Men 1.4k
Gold: Sergey Ustiugov, Russia
Silver: Sondre Turvoll Fossli, Norway
Bronze: Gleb Retivykh, Russia
14. Erik Bjornsen, Mazama, WA (University of Alaska Anchorage)
- Did not qualify for finals
38. Tyler Kornfield, Anchorage (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)
35. Skyler Davis, Jericho, VT (Stratton Mountain School)
49. George Cartwright, Lander, WY (Northern Michigan University)

Women 1.2k
Gold: Lucia Anger, Germany
Silver: Kari Oeyre Slind, Norway
Bronze: Ragnhild Haga, Norway
- Did not qualify for finals
31. Heather Mooney, Peru, VT (Stratton Mountain School)
42. Amy Glen, Anchorage (University of Vermont)
58. Kinsey Loan, Eagle River, AK (Alaska Pacific University)
57. Isabel Caldwell, Peru, VT (Dartmouth Ski Team)

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